My kids are driving me mental

Paul has taken up sailing on a Saturday so it’s me and the kids. This means I have to take Beth to Bill and Bridie’s swimming lessons which span over 1 and a half hours. Paul isn’t home yet, he’s usually in the door about 8, not quite the 4ish, 5ish that’s promised but then I didn’t expect that anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for Paul to have something that he loves doing and he used to sail all the time before we were married. It’s just that Saturday is such a dreadful day for it. Both the younger ones have had issues with new teachers at the pool and they’re now settled nicely into their classes so I am loathe to change them to an evening class.

I can handle the pool stuff, Beth can either get in and have a play or she can sit and play on her electronic babysitter, the wonderful DSi, as she did today. But next week Bridie has a party to go to and I’m torn between trying to get somebody else to take her or taking all 3 kids to a playcentre. It sounds awful but Beth is such a pain in the arse at places like that. She’s oblivious to the other kids and goes on her merry way, taking things that she wants, even if others are playing with it, or leaping about with merry abandon not realising that others are where her arms are going. I think it’s one with a big slide which she’s not so keen on so at least she wont be clambering over others to get to the top. It’s just me that has these issues, Beth couldn’t care less at the looks the other kids give her but they always make me feel sick. Still I’ll wait and see what happens I guess.

Since we’ve been home it’s like my kids have been on speed. Bridie is a challenging child at the best of times and has been on me all afternoon wanting me to constantly do things with her. Beth has been on the computer for a lot of it but when I dared to go on for 5 minutes to check something out she basically ran up and down the room asking me if it was her turn yet. She was like a dog at a fence when somebody walks by, almost salivating at the thought of getting back on the computer! They’re watching a movie now but just before hand she got it into her head to say in a funny voice “Hello, I’m Ranger Tim.” Well stupid me laughed at her and asked her where she got it from. It’s from some show on Go, but I swear she did it at least 30 times after that. Not only does she say it but then she asks me to repeat it, saying “what did I say Mum” over and over. In the end I yelled “enough with the Ranger Tim Beth” to which she smiled to herself and walked away. Tick, pissed mum off, job done!

Bill’s pretty easy though him and Bridie have been fighting all afternoon. He has got a dreadful habit of telling me exactly what’s happening in the tv show he just happens to be watching though. Then of course he misses the bit that he’s talking through. Sometimes I am even watching the same show and I have to let him know. He does this in the car especially. When driving home from Will’s the other night it was dark so I was a bit on edge as I hate driving in the dark. Bill just kept talking about utter crap. Example : I wonder what Santa Clause is doing right now. or : What do you think we would name a bear if we had one? or : do you think one day you’ll be on tv? (I didn’t mind that last one!) In the end I just had to tell him that he didn’t have to talk ALL the time, it was ok to have silences sometimes.

I had my art class Friday morning which as usual I loved. Tiff is a great teacher so I’m going to put a link to her blog on her name seeing as I’ve now been taught how to do this! Tiff, Bree and Prue suggested that I go over how Flaxseed Guy came about as if I’ve got new readers they hear me talking about him but don’t know the origin. So here it is.

Richard Malter is a practitioner called (I think) a relflexologist who works in Frankston in conjunction with a Naturopath called Alan. He was suggested to me by a friend who had heard that he had worked with varying success on autistic people. I took Beth along and he told me that she had mercury in her brain. We started her on cilantro drops which is called chellation and we saw obvious improvement in her communication. Along with the drops was little magnets that are on bandaids that go in a particular spot depending on which area is being detoxed. With the chellation as it was in the brain it was on the tips of the middle fingers. Once the mercury was gone we then found that there was a virus in Beth’s brain, like a dormant herpes virus. She also had this in her tummy. Flaxseed oil is what is used to treat this, hence the name flaxseed guy! We have been using this to get rid of the brain virus and at one stage the tummy virus which required the magnets to be on the tummy. We then did some more cilantro as there is a figure that has slowly been going down that signifies damage still being done to the brain, this should be at 1 but at last count was at 80. This meant that something else was going on and other metals were found. They in turn masked a type of influenza virus, also dormant so now we’re back to the flaxseed. This time round we’ve found more improvement again, probably the first lot since the first chellation started. It’s a long and drawn out process and our next stop is an allergist. I’m a big believer of finishing what we started and I think we’re nearly there. Richard will then give me a report to take on to the DAN (Defeat Autism Now) practitioner who is an allergist, so we don’t double up. Confused? I used to be but now I’m not so sure! (haha, copyright to Clare Bear on that one!)

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