A few good days

We’ve had a fairly quiet few days. Sunday I went to another shoe party so Paul took the kids to Knox to spend their pocket money. Bridie bought one of those dogs that come with a carry case and a grooming kit so we’ve been playing that ever since. Bill got a game for his playstation from the second hand shop. Beth picked a Wonderpets dvd. The older Bridie gets the younger Beth appears at times. Bridie has watched it with her a couple of times but she is so aware of what’s cool these days for 5 year olds and what’s not. Bridie’s still into Dora but I’m sure that wont last for much longer. Beth on the other hand likes what she likes and is oblivious to other’s opinions. I love that about her.

We had a HAGS meeting yesterday and a new mum came along who has a daughter with aspergers and is in grade 1. It’s more and more clear to me as time goes on the difference between autism and aspergers. Things that asperger kids are aware of and have issues with just aren’t there for Beth. Of course I would like it if she were more aware of things and if she had ambitions but at the same time I love her carefree nature and the fact that although she knows she is different she doesn’t have any hangups about it.

We discussed yesterday about the need for getting onto our local politician about the need for a high school for our higher functioning kids with autism. While there is talk of the Ferntree Gully College site being a primary school / high school for autistic kids it doesn’t show any signs of having any work done to it at all. They also have no idea whether they will be catering for kids with an above 70 iq. As this is becoming more and more common with kids with autism there seems to be a middle of the road solution missing. Primary school is fine if our kids can go aided but high school is a whole different kettle of fish. Many of these kids would not cope at all in high school but there seems to be no alternative for them. While I have seriously considered the option of home schooling, many people don’t have that luxury as they have to work. We’ll go to the local papers also, hopefully something will be done but I’m not holding my breath.

Beth had swimming lessons last night and went really well. She seems to be really learning now and did some lovely back stroke for Caprice last night. She had a rough nights sleep though and woke up this morning with a huge blood nose. She came in at 6am saying she was bleeding and I wondered for a moment if the dreaded period had reared it’s ugly head already. It was quite bad and she had to shower and I’ve had to throw out her pillow. It’s been happening a bit lately. She used to have lots of problems with blood noses and just when we got to the stage that the doctor was going to do something about it, they stopped. Hopefully it’s not going to happen too often.

I’m off to a talk by Donna Williams tonight. I’m quite looking forward to it as it’s always good to hear people in the know speak of autism. I’ve heard her talk before and often marvel at how well she is doing compared to her descriptions of herself as a child. She has even told me that Beth is so much more socialised and communicative that she ever was at the same age, giving me such hope that if she – Donna can overcome (or perhaps cope with) her autism so well, maybe so can Beth.

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2 Responses to A few good days

  1. Deb says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I also have a daughter with ASD. She is five and started school this year… I can fully understand what it is you are going through and would love to hear more about you and your daughter….
    Also would love to hear from you about how the talk from Donna was… I so wanted to go to that but we missed out on tickets as it was fully booked…
    look forward to hearing from you…

  2. Sarah says:

    Hi Deb, thanks for reading. The talk with Donna was great though often these days I’ve heard a lot of it before as I’ve been to so many of them. There’s a forum on through Knox Council on the weekend of the 8th / 9th May. The contact details are michelle.booth@knox.vic.gov.au if you wanted to check it out.
    I am so pleased that you’re enjoying my blog, I have always found it helpful to talk to others with girls on the spectrum who are older than Beth. If you’re from around the Hills area you could come along to our support group if you’d like to, just let me know and I’ll send you the details.
    Thanks so much

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