Sick again

Well the last week of term is here and, as seems to be the norm, my kids are sick again! It’s always the last week, sometimes also the first week back, you know those times when you’re really looking forward to having a bit of a break knowing that holidays are coming up/ending. And it’s such lovely weather too! I’d love to take Minka for a walk but Bill is throwing up sporadically so not really fair to expect him to walk around with a bucket in his hand!

Beth has got yet another bout of asthma. She’s such a sickly kid, hopefully this doctor that we’re off back to on Friday will help with that. She’s had asthma for years and gets it really bad and the medicine she has to have for it makes her so hyper. As if we need that added extra energy, she’s hyper enough without it. You’re meant to give prednisolone up to 4 times a year, she’s had it 4 times this winter. We went to see Jeff Lindenmayer on Monday, he’s such a lovely man and a terrific doctor. He’s so hard to get into so I jumped at the chance when they said they had a spot available. He’s put her on another preventor twice a day plus the singulair tablet that she takes nightly and it seems to be working so far.

One of the things I like about Jeff as a doctor is that he doesn’t make you feel stupid about trying new things. I told him about Richard Malter (the mercury detox doctor) and he seemed genuinely interested. I keep telling professionals even though I say I’m not going to, I just can’t help myself sometimes! As I explained it all to Jeff I said “I know it’s unorthodox” and Jeff simply said to me “If she was my daughter I’d do exactly the same thing.” It was lovely to hear as lots of professionals talk things down and basically make you feel like a bit of an idiot for trying them. I really believe that if I didn’t have the confidence in some of these therapies then I would be talked out of trying them. And them I might miss the very thing that just could make a difference. Then he surprised me even more by telling me about a book about a boy taken to the Shamans in Mongolia to be healed by them. He said that the author – Rupert Isaacson – had been out promoting his book and Jeff had heard about it. Jeff said that it seems that lots of autistic kids seem to respond well to alternative types of healing like this. How nice of him to volunteer this information and not be one of these people that scorn these therapies. As we both said, everything when it’s new is thought of as alternative, hopefully one day these therapies will go hand in hand with each other. I told him that I am in fact reading this book at the moment, it’s called The Horse Boy, really good reading. I laughed that when I started reading it I called my mother in law and said “Well, think we’ll be off to Mongolia soon!

I’m so excited about seeing Richard Malter with Beth on Friday. We’ve done the mercury detox, now it’s time for the next stage, getting rid of the plaque like virus in her brain. He said this clogs the receptors which makes communication slow – a huge part of autism, at least in Beth’s case. This is the stage when we should start to see the big differences. After that it’s the liver, she’s got the same virus in there which is why she’s always so pale and has big bags under her eyes. And she farts all the time, really really smelly! While I’m quite proud of the fact that she farts so well it really is quite disgusting! I asked him about gluten free etc and he said that anything would react with this virus in the gut so he’ll assess her again after that’s gone. Even if we just heal that part, it’s got to make her feel better as it’s probably been there always she doesn’t know what it’s like not to have it there.

Hopefully the kids will be well again tomorrow, Bill’s school play is on and the kinder kids are going to watch it. He’s a clown (as was Beth in prep) and is very excited! So is Bridie as it’s her kinder and teachers going to watch. Then at night after karate we’re back to the school to watch it again. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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