Mercury Doctor visit 18th September 2009

Well we’re back from seeing the mercury detox doctor. Mercury all gone, yay, phase one is over! Wasn’t too much of a stretch, except for the fact that Beth couldn’t have anything citrusy or with the citric acid 330 which is in so many things! It’s not a bad additive or anything, just that it’s got citrus. Which meant that we couldn’t have things like tacos because the taco seasoning mix has it in it. Quite a few other things too, and the only juice she could have was a particular apple one. Luckily she’s pretty cruisy with her foods and adapted well. The other thing she couldn’t do was use her DSI or the Wii which was a bugger, it was like she was being punished. The computer was ok because it’s got a flatscreen. Apparently anything wireless has too many electrodes or something, anyway we managed.

For this next phase which is getting rid of the plaque like virus in her brain, Beth has to drink flaxseed oil which is vile. She has to have 3 teaspoons 4 times a day, then after each time we have to put a pointy magnet on her middle finger, five minutes for left then change it to the right and five minutes on there. Luckily she can now have whatever juice she wants so will tolerate it in apple and blackcurrant juice, but only just. If she wouldn’t then I would have had to try her with capsules that she would have had to have had 40 each DAY. I tried her with one while we were there, explained what to do and tipped the water in. She swallowed and said “delicious” but when I made her open her mouth it was still there! After the third try I realised it just wasn’t going to happen! The other alternative was a machine that all together would have to be on between 300 – 500 hours, strapped onto her arms with little straps. He said we could do that when she’s sleeping but she would have to try to stay still and there was only a 90% chance of that working. I really want to make sure we give it a bloody good shot, if we use that I might think it’s all a croc and the problem is actually just  the way we’re doing it. Or (and picture this) Beth could go there and lie still for 5 – 7 hours with a drip in her arm, twice. Yeah sure, that’s an option! Anyway, so far so good, she’s taking the oil. The magnets are meant to be on the pressure points to send it straight to the brain. We go back in 3 weeks. Hopefully we should start seeing some improvement in that time he said, should be quite soon. In the meantime she still can’t play the hand held things AND she has to sit 4 metres away from any TV that’s not flatscreen cos the electricity is so bad from normal TV’S. Guess I’ve got some work to do on Paul then! I can feel a Good Guys trip coming on.

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