A lovely mothers day

We’ve had a very nice weekend. Friday night Paul took the kids mothers day shopping so I had a little break. We brought the guinea pigs home from prep for the weekend so Bridie was in a good mood for a change too. And surprise surprise, they survived the weekend at camp O’Connor, even being carried around by the 2 girls for most of it!

Saturday Bridie had swimming lessons (she’s bloody good too) then we went off to Bec’s for the afternoon. Bill and Will were going to a party so the girls and I chilled with Bec and Kasey at their house. We ended up staying for dinner so all in all it was a lovely afternoon. Paul was off sailing and got home to find an empty house.

Sunday was lovely. A belated Happy Mothers Day to all you very important mums out there. Beth was amazingly the first one to come in and give me her present. She didn’t even have to be asked so it was really touching. Of course the kids chose presents that they liked for themselves. Beth had picked me out a vase with chocolates in the bottom and Bridie had picked me a bath pack, then insisted on having a bath straight after giving it to me! Bill had picked a travel mug. All of these were from the mothers day stall at school. At the shops they had bought me a lovely cosy dressing gown and a huge box of favourites chocolates. Bridie picked these as she prefers them to my favourite which is Lindt. I got my bacon and eggs in bed and got to read the paper. I must admit I am spoilt as Paul does cook bacon and eggs every Sunday but I got to go first yesterday! The kids helped too with popping the toast down and carrying it all in to me.

Later on in the afternoon Bridie and Bill gave me a leg massage, asking if I liked it slow and squishy or fast and rubby. We decided on slow and squishy. I ate so much crap that today I am declaring the first day of my diet. Watch this space, I figure if I name my weight I might be shamed into losing it all! 91kg! Never again. I’ll keep you posted of my progress. This morning at Pilates I felt dreadful but I wasn’t the only one so I think we all overindulged yesterday. My problem is that I overindulge every day! I just hate how much I love food. I gave up drinking on my 40th and smoking when I was 35, food’s all I have left! Never mind, I have to look good for the talk show circuits when my book is published. Isn’t that what they say – put it out there? That’s what they say on the secret anyway!

By the way, I have a new best friend – Mel. Melatonin that is! I love the stuff, Beth has been going to sleep by 10 every night, absolute bliss. She’s calm before hand and then just drifts off. She’s been so much nicer with it too cos she’s sleeping so well. I’ve been noticing lately how well she and Bridie interact at times. Bill has always been a lovely child and plays nicely (most of the time) with both of his sisters but Bridie seems to be taking on a lovely caring attitude towards Beth. When we had the guinea pigs here she’d get one out for Beth and show her the right way to hold them. It’s so sweet to see. Paul mentioned how it worked the other way too. On pizza night he takes the girls to pick up the pizzas and he said that last week Bridie was stuffing around pretending to go out onto the road. Beth called to her and told her that it was dangerous to go out onto the road as she may get hit by a car. He said she grabbed Bridie’s hand and wouldn’t let go! I was so proud of her. She’s really coming along so well lately.

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