Some exciting news for a friend!

Tonight I want to share some exciting developments that a friend of mind has shared with me about her son. In fact, for those who have kids/adults on the spectrum, I’d love to share a few stories on here. I think it’s lovely to share inspiring stories for parents who read my blog with younger children. It shows that there can still be huge achievements, maybe later than others, maybe different than neurotypical kids but achievements none the less.

I received a message from my friend Tina wanting to share some excitement with me. Her son Henry had been working last year in a cafe. They were amazing with him and really patient and he absolutely loved it. But then they closed down. It was so sad because he was so happy there. She told me tonight though that they have opened another cafe and asked her boy to come back and work there for them! Plus, he’s got his L plates!

I’m so bloody excited for them! She says that he is going to Uni too to do an animation design course. He’s not doing it as a degree as it would be too overwhelming for him. He will do one subject a a time and do it his way. Similarly with his L plates. He’s happy at the moment getting in the car and making himself familiar with things. He’s started it and he’s learning where everything is and they’re all happy with that. I am so happy for them.

We have talked quite a bit about our kids and how in awe we are of them. Where getting his L’s is a huge thing for Henry, Beth visiting me at work eventually with Coco will be the big goal for us. It doesn’t matter what the goal is, moving forward is the big thing. And them being happy. That’s the most important thing, always.

I love that this journey has me connecting with people on such a personal level. I absolutely adore my friends who ‘get it’ and who share what some might think are small achievements but what we know are absolutely huge.

I’d love to chat with more of you and share more of your stories. Please contact me if you have some to share! I know that there will be many who would really benefit seeing how other parents handle situations that they may be going through right now. It can seem that there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, especially at the start, it’s a bloody hard time!

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