Mary Poppins!

Yes you may have guessed it, I took Beth to see Mary Poppins yesterday! She has been asking me if we could go and I realised that it was finishing in 2 weeks so if we wanted to I’d better organise it. I wasn’t going to because we saw it a few years ago, plus it’s pricey. I don’t have to pay for myself due to her companion card though so I thought stuff it! I’m so glad that we did because it was sensational!

I organised the tickets last week as a surprise. I had to do it over the phone because of the companion card and was most excited when they had 2 in the 8th row become available. I told Beth I had a surprise and told her what it was and her response was decidedly lacklustre. “Oh Mary Poppins’ in a monotone voice. When I said I thought she’d be more excited she said ‘yay’, also in monotone! Oh well, I’ll take what I can get!

We set off for the city just after 10.30 by train. We got there about an hour before so had a quick bite at the Elephant and Wheelbarrow then wandered down to the theatre. I had a bit of a panic because I realised (thank goodness) that my Tiketek account was in my very old email address. I realised this in rising panic after trying 4 different email addresses! Then had to find them on the phone. Disaster averted. The woman next to me commented (unfortunately as I’d forgotten my hearing aides and she was on my deaf side) that the seats seemed smaller since the last time she was there. I didn’t know her, otherwise I would have said yes but my arse has gotten bigger!

The show was fantastic of course. Last time we went Matt Lee was Bert, this time it was Jack Chambers. Both excellent. We were mesmerised. I absolutely loved looking at Bethie’s face during certain parts as she was in awe of the dancing on the ceiling, all the bright colours and Mary flying overhead.  Just like last time, Beth waved at her as she flew directly above us. I hope she never loses that childish glee. I haven’t so I don’t think she will! The best bit was hearing the song that many don’t realise was actually written about me – Practically Perfect in every way!


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