A fairly quiet week

We’ve had a pretty non eventful week. After our big drama earlier in the week it’s been the usual family stuff.

The melatonin seems to be working quite well still but of course it isn’t a miracle cure. If I don’t make sure that Beth is keeping herself quiet and trying to wake herself up then there’s no point. I think at school they’re a bit worried as a few of us have tried our kids on it in the last week or so and have been all over the place behaviourally. Bec had tried Will on it from last weekend and it had certainly helped him to be quieter at night before going to sleep. At school though he’s been quite out of control. When she mentioned the melatonin she was asked if any of the other kids were on it too. When Bec replied yes I think that staff thought that could explain their behaviour but Beth was being ratty for a good few days before we even started on it. One of the reasons why we tried it in the first place was because she was being so bad that I put it down to her being overtired from not sleeping. It is a natural melatonin too, not the one that needs to be prescribed by a doctor so there’s no harm in it. I even checked it with our doctor and neither he nor the chemist gave me any indication that it could cause anything bad. There’s not even anything on the bottle that talks about side effects. Time will tell I guess.

Beth had a party day at school today as her year level did the Naplan testing this week. She didn’t do it as we figured that she would be doing grade 5 again next year anyway.  She had to take a pillow and some chips to share to watch a movie with.

All the kids went off today dressed up. They had to dress as somebody they want to be when they grow up. Bill was easy as he wants to be a karate instructor so wore his ghee. Bridie wants to be a hairdresser but we settled for a fairy princess as I didn’t think scissors would go down too well. Beth ended up going as a rock chic. She wanted to go as Marge Simpson but as she only told me last night I had no idea how to make the big hair. She has a Pink t shirt so she wore that with jeans and her multicoloured wig that she got for her birthday. I realised that she had outgrown her boots but figured as now she’s in size 9’s that she could just wear some of mine. They look heaps better on her than me!

I’ve had a slack day. Tiff the art teacher is away so Bree and Prue came over and we did art this morning. We then decided to go out for lunch so I’ve popped home quickly to write this before I’m back off for school pickup. At least then I can feel like I’ve done something productive!

Have a good weekend everybody. We don’t have anything planned so I probably wont speak to you again til Monday. xxxxx

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  1. I’ve recently started a blog, the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work.

  2. Sarah says:

    fantastic, happy to help out. Makes me feel great to have someone actually using me as a reference!

  3. Sarah says:

    thanks so much, glad you’re enjoying it!

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