A pretty good weekend

Beth has her photo face on here

We’ve had a nice weekend. Saturday Bridie had swimming and Paul couldn’t go sailing as there was no wind so he stayed home with the other kids. I picked up Bev and John as Bridie wanted them to watch so we ended up all going back to their house for lunch and the afternoon. Beth has a little routine when she goes around to Bev and John’s. First she has a wobble on the big concrete paver that is loose just inside the garage door that you take to get into the backyard. We have to try and file in past her as she does this cos she likes the whole surfing movement of it. She then either races off through the house to go on Grandpa’s computer or chucks off her shoes and jacket, flinging them where-ever, and jumps on to the trampoline. She’s quite amazing on the trampoline as when she is walking she is quite clumsy (I think she gets this from me) but when on the trampoline she is really coordinated and has never fallen off. She is starting to worry me a bit though as she likes to fling herself back onto her back and has nearly hit her head a couple of times as she is nearly as tall as me. We have told her numerous times, however I think it’s probably one of those things that until she does it she wont stop. And even then she would probably do it again.

At times Beth scares me with the fact that she has a knowledge of things that are dangerous but doesn’t put them into practice. The other night she was playing with those things, I think they’re called scoobiedoos. They’re pains in the arse as they’re like a strip of spaghetti but a plastic string. We have hundreds of them and you’re meant to tie them up to make jewellery. Beth pulled out a safety plug in an electricity point and stuck one of them in. She then turned it on. It didn’t do any harm because it is just plastic but she didn’t know that. When you catch her out doing something like this she says sorry straight away so she knows that she shouldn’t do it but she still does it anyway.

Paul’s Uncle Frank came down from Ballarat on Saturday so the kids spent the afternoon looking out of the window for his train. Bev and John live opposite the train station so we see the trains pulling in and the passengers walking down the link to the underground part which goes right under Burwood Highway and opposite their house. Due to problems with the trains (yes I know, unheard of) Frank was late and the kids got jack of waiting and looking. But we still knew when he was arriving. Good old Minka the Wonderdog started barking. We looked out the window and the train had only just started leaving the station so Frank was not far off it, in fact a few minutes passed before we saw him coming up from the underpath. Dogs are amazing aren’t they. I guess she’s seen Frank quite a lot but the fact that she knew it was him coming was just astounding.

We went to the local pub Micawbers for lunch yesterday as it was Frank’s birthday. I always feel quite proud as I do have generally well behaved kids when in public. Beth did start to get a bit bored while we waited for what seemed an eternity to get our meals. I did the politically incorrect thing and let her take her DSi with her but it was better than chasing her around the place. They wore their irish gear that Grandma and Grandpa brought them back. In fact Beth’s was probably Austrian as she looked like heidi! Bill had an Irish cap on which really suits him and Brides had on a pretty red dress. All in all it was a good weekend.

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