It’s been a while!

Sorry folks, it’s been a busy few weeks for me so I haven’t had a chance to write much on here. I’ve been working full time for a few weeks and will continue to do so up until Christmas, so never home.

I did have a couple of weeks off last month. I went to Queensland with 2 of my besties so that was wonderful! Then I had a week at home. We had poor Maggie (the cavoodle) get sick that week though which was awful, we weren’t sure if she would make it. That was a really stressful time and she’s just come out of an operation to have her spleen out so it’s been a costly few weeks but we’re on the flip side of things now.

Beth has been enjoying her time. Ellie ended up leaving as Beth’s friend who takes her out on Tuesdays. We had a meet and greet with 2 more girls during the holidays and they both seemed lovely. One has taken her out already, the other one has now realised that she can’t do Tuesdays with Uni so we’re having another meet and greet this week! I’m thinking it’s time to take control again. I did advertise a while back on Mabel but the people that answered me just weren’t suitable. It’s annoying because I am very specific about what I want for a carer and say so in words but still get people answering who are wrong for the position. For example I have said that I want somebody in their 20s that is fun and that Beth can consider her friend as they go out. I have specifically even used the words I don’t want somebody young at heart but actually young and I get a zillion people saying they are however old but young at heart! It was just too hard and we finally got taken off the waiting list for the agency we are using who are lovely but don’t seem to have a lot of people, and have even suggested ones who are older. I don’t want her to be going out with a mother figure.

The other benefit of finding somebody ourselves is that we can cut out the middle man. This means that we are paying less through our plan and they are getting paid more because it’s not through an agency. Anyway, will see how this week’s meet and greet goes.

Beth has decided on her main Christmas present of a Nintendo Switch and Bridie has found heaps of games that she thinks Beth will like. It’s hard to find things for Beth as she’s at an adults level in lots of things and a childs level in lots of others. So that sounds like a good solution as she loves games.

We had brunch with Beth’s old personal trainer this morning. It was so lovely to see Mel again, it’s been bloody ages! The problem was though that Beth stuffed her face so much that she made herself sick. And did a massive vomit! Luckily we were in the beer garden. I hurried her out to the back carpark and tried to get her to the bin but she didn’t quite make it. Better than throughout the beer garden though! I had to laugh, it was quite a drama! I guess it’s what to expect when she’s had weetbix and juice at home, then a bowl of chips and a hot chocolate. Plus, I didn’t realise that because she had started to feel sick she drank nearly a whole jug of water!

Anyway…. Have a wonderful week everybody! xx

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