A couple of lovely outings

It’s been a bit of a mixed week again. Beth has been enjoying going out with Ellie which has been lovely. Last week they went to the Museum and saw an exhibition called Fantastic Beasts which looked great. I organised it all including the train times there and checked that the companion card would be able to be used and it all went smoothly.

Beth is now realising that she can choose where she goes and is actively looking at what activities she can do which I love. It’s important that she has a say in what she does and I don’t want to have to think things up just for the sake of doing something. This week she was thinking of Scienceworks but as they only have 4 hours it is a bit far. Even with driving it takes a long time and some city driving would be required which is something even I wouldn’t want to do!

Beth opted for roller skating instead. This is something I have done with her in the past. Not something I particularly enjoyed as I was either a) pulled over, b) nearly had my shoulder pulled out of joint or c) walking instead of wearing skates so I could keep my balance! I have looked in to Beth doing lessons but they’re not available on the Tuesdays that she has Ellie come. Wednesdays are usually my day off but soon I’ll be working full time up until Christmas so not an option either. Ellie said that Beth was really good and by the end didn’t have to hold on to the side too much, just holding her hand. They also had the obligatory junkie lunch (at least Beth did) of kfc and a hot chocolate before skating. Ellie said that Beth shut the car door nice and gently this time too with some prompting!

The downside to the week was a massive tantrum on the weekend. I don’t know if it’s my intolerance that’s gotten worse or that maybe she was tired or not feeling well but I’m really just over them. It was huge and had me shaking and actually wishing that she didn’t live with us any more. We had found such a fantastic therapist, so we thought, and then she retired after the first session. So if anybody knows of a great psychologist who is experienced in obsessive behaviours in adult women with autism please let me know!

I’ll end with a Beth funny because you all know I do love her and don’t want her to live anywhere else yet and sometimes I need reminding! We are in the process of selling Paul’s car so we can get something little that Bridie can drive around in too. And hopefully to be able to fix my car! We were discussing this in front of Beth and her solution is for Paul to ride a camel to work! She’ll do anything to get another pet!

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