A grateful post

So I have been doing grateful posts on and off on social media for a while. I think it’s easy to get bogged down with what is not great in our lives and don’t really appreciate the good. Some days it has been hard to feel grateful but there’s always been something, a sunny sky, the trains running on time, working with good friends. Today I am grateful for the friends I have made during my whole journey with Beth.

When Beth was really little I ran an autism support group. It was called HAGS in the hills which stands for Happy Autism Group Support. This is due to us all having been to depressing groups, we wanted it fairly lighthearted while still dealing with the issues as parents do when raising a young child, let alone a child with additional needs. I had Beth who had just started school, Bill as a kinder kid and Bridie as a toddler. I was tired and grumpy (still am at times to be honest!) and wanted some me time, so some friends and I started up our group. We still see each other a couple of times a year. I wanted it because when Beth was diagnosed, there wasn’t a whole lot of support out there. We became really close knit because we ‘got’ each other and could say what we had to without judgement.

One of these lovely ladies I’ll call Clemmy. Not her real name but a nickname that actually started of as Noodle, then Noods, and in it’s formal term – Clementine Noodle!  I don’t want to name her as I haven’t asked if I can. I noticed her daughter had started at a new service so asked about it and it turns out it’s nice and local to us. Beth and I went to see it today and safe to say loved it! It’s only been around for a few months so there is room for her to start – this Friday. They do various day programs and Fridays they go to different places each week so I thought it would be a great day to start. They’re going to the beach this week. She thought the place was great because they have 2 cats, a lizard and 9 guinea pigs. There weren’t many other participants there this morning, they were heading out to a disco so I’m not sure how she’ll go once she gets to know them all. As my regular readers know, Beth isn’t too keen on other people with a disability. They’re often too loud (pot, meet kettle) or want to do things that she doesn’t want to (how very dare they) but the reality is that most programs that she will be in will involve others with some sort of a disability. They’re planning all sorts of other things eventually so I suggested a few such as art or exercise (all things of course I’d like Beth to get back in to!) They’re big on healthy eating and exercise. And no phones! I love this idea. She said ok too but I’m sure there will be a bit of resistance. And when I say a bit, I mean a lot!

So… I’m very grateful for my little hags network that I still see on occasion but share information that helps us all. And really, that’s what we need in any community, support, friendship and sometimes a common denominator to get us through. Thanks Clementine Noodle, love Roberta Williams!


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