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I’ve just got off the phone to our plan managers enquiring about whether we can claim hypnotherapy for Beth. I had spoken to a lovely lady who does this, locally too, and has worked with people on the autism spectrum with varying degrees of success. We spoke about how Beth is so obsessed with Paul and his coughing and how it is disrupting our lives so much. She’s also not nice to Bridie for much of the time and it becomes who she is and what she does. The hypnotherapist was really lovely to speak to and said that it would be worthwhile having a session to see how it worked and if she was receptive to this. However, as she pointed out, when I did hypnotherapy to stop smoking, I really wanted to give up smoking. If Beth is being half hearted then it won’t work. She wants to need to change. We spoke about having two train tracks to choose from and how we at home can reiterate what is said in sessions such as ‘you used to choose that train track but we’re trying this one now’. I really like the idea but she is $250 per session. Which I don’t mind if I know it will work but I really don’t! The NDIS won’t fund unless she’s an accredited counsellor. I might look at other professionals who do hypnotherapy also. I know when I did it years ago, I went to a local doctor so I could claim it on medicare.

The plan manager gave me the name of a website called Kinora which is run by the NDIS and gives lists of service people who can help as well as having a forum so I’ll check that out.

We’ve had a quiet few weeks as Beth has been quite sick with a chest infection.  I’ve bitten the bullet and bought some vaporisers to see how they will go as we often get bad coughs and asthma. If they work I will get a proper one but they’re so expensive! Beth has been back out with Bridgehaven for her first day out in a while and seemed to really enjoy it! She went to the botanical gardens and the pier last Friday. They pick her up and drop her off which is very handy! She is also going out with the interchange girls once or twice a fortnight so we’re finally filling up her days.

I’ll leave you with a Beth funny. We were watching Gogglebox on Thursday and there was a show about gay men in Arabia. Beth often says things that we have to almost guess where it’s come from. So we’re watching away and Beth says ‘they’re gay, just like Arnold!’ OK, what???? ‘Arnold the pig. You know, from Green Acres?!’ Apparently I was supposed to know that she was talking about a show that was on around the time I was born. And that the pig was gay. Not sure where she got that from! x

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