A Slight Setback

Well after a slight setback we’re back on track. Beth was ok with the drink (so I thought) but then on Friday night she vomited during dinner saying that she didn’t want the oil anymore. I tried her again a bit later and the first mouthful she vomited back up.

On Saturday morning I took Bill and Bridie swimming so stopped in at the Chemist on the way back. I spoke to Kerry there who said she would talk with the Chemist when he came in on Monday and ask his advice on disguising the disgusting flaxseed oil. It’s not so much the taste that’s so offensive, it’s the fact that it’s 3 teaspoons of oil, making the juice really oily. I then went to the Heath Food Store who suggested either honey or stewed fruit. As you can’t cook it I thought that would be a good solution. On a positive note, when I talked to the lady in the Health Food Store about the fact that Beth is doing chelation therapy she asked who it was with. When I said “Richard…..” she said “Not Richard Malter, he’s wonderful!” She said we’re really on the right track there. As he’s in Frankston and we’re in Belgrave I thought that was a pretty high recommendation indeed.

We got home and I heated a dessertspoon of honey, added the stewed apple and then the oil. Beth had a slight gag but kept it down and then ate the whole thing. So far so good. She has to have this four times a day and I am spoon feeding it to her but hey, whatever way I can get it into her that’s what I’ll do. I’m not all that keen on giving her that much honey each day but it’s only for 6 weeks all up and I think it’s more important to get this stuff into her than anything else at this point in time.

Well as it’s school holidays at the moment I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to get on here. I thought now would be ok cos Bear in the Big Blue House is on but of course Bill has to tell me each funny bit as it happens and as I’m sure a few of you know, Bear’s a pretty funny bear! Bridie’s standing in front of the telly so the others can’t see and running a car up and down so that they can’t hear either. Beth’s being pretty good, just have to occasionally tell her to take her feet off of the table next to the chair. It’s high up but as Beth sits with her feet in the air half the time her feet knock stuff down left right and centre! Of course the computer wont be free at all in a few hours when I let the kids play their games. One day maybe I’ll be able to get a nice little laptop and be able to hide myself away somewhere writing to my hearts content. One can only dream!

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