Toy Story 3

OK, the first day of our holidays has started. I’ve done the mum thing, now the kids are with the electronic babysitters and I’m with my new toy.

We went to see Toy Storty 3 this morning. It was hilarious and sad at the same time. Some great new characters, especially Ken modelling for Barbie. A very scary bit at the end and a touching final scene that had me gulping back the tears. All in all a terrific movie. One of the things I find endearing about Beth is that she doesn’t have a problem showing her younger side at all. In we went, me armed with snack foods and drinks, Beth armed with Woody, Jessie and Bullseye. Of course they couldn’t miss the movie that was about themselves. They all seemed to enjoy it! One of Bridie’s friends was there so of course Bridie dumped us and sat with her, only to come back when she needed the toilet. We managed to go only twice this time, she doesn’t seem to need that often at home. Amanda and her boys came along too so we went for our coffees, hot chocolates and milkshakes at the Reel Cafe afterwards. We made arrangements for our HAGS sanity dinner on Friday night, I’m sure we’ll all need it by then.

One of the deciding factors in buying our new laptop was that if you spent over a certain amount you got a free Xbox 360. Now this is the last thing that we need but our Bill has been saving up for one for ages so we thought we’d use it to our advantage. They are giving them away as they are bringing out a new slimline edition so we figured we’d probably get about $200 on ebay for it. We made a deal with Bill that he could pay us his $100 savings and eat one new thing every day until Christmas. He took the deal and is now onto day 2. He tried Bev’s date loaf which he horribly declared disgusting (it wasn’t at all, it was lovely) and today he had jam on toast which he decided really wasn’t that bad. He’s so bloody fussy and his problem is actually trying things as he dry reaches before it even gets to his mouth. I just have a drink handy now and make him get through it. So at the moment my life is fairly peaceful with him playing the xbox, Beth on the computer and Bridie on the Nintendo 64. I’m sure the quiet will be over shortly as Bridie really doesn’t know how to play her game properly so it’ll be abuse for Bill for not helping her or abuse for me for not playing with her. In fact I can hear it starting now! Thought it was too good to be true.

Beth has a party to go to tomorrow at a pool so I’ve offered to go to that part of the party as she doesn’t dress herself very well. It’s not that she can’t, it’s the fact that she jumps around the change rooms and now that she’s got jiggly bits and hair it’s not so cute anymore! I’ll let you know how we go.

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