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I’m very excited as I’m writing this on my very cute new laptop while lying in bed watching Masterchef! We went to buy it today at Knox, before the end of the financial year. I really wanted a red one or a pink one but they were 3 to 4 hundred dollars more so I had to settle for a pretty blue one with a pink tartan carry bag.

We’ve started our school holidays here in Victoria, always something that fills me with a combination of happiness at not having to get up early, and dread at it being just me and the kids for days on end. Beth ended her last school week for the term rather frazzled. She was quite moody for a lot of the week but Friday she was big time. She was cracking it with me about all sorts of things but the main thing once we got to school was because I forgot to take her DSi to play with being the last day of term. Silly me, I forgot to switch on my E.S.P. receptors so of course I couldn’t read her mind until she screamed it at me at school. She carried on like a pork chop for ages. Her teacher told me not to worry, they had lots of games and they’d be fine. She also went into a tizzy about the fact that I hadn’t packed any popcorn for their class party. The problem was they weren’t having a party this term, they did cooking instead. She really enjoyed doing this but clearly also wanted a party.  I  made it clear to her that no, I wouldn’t be right back with her DSi, I had art classes and I wasn’t going to be late.

Beth’s class were doing a performance at assembly on Friday and the choir that she’s in were also singing. Beth didn’t join in until late last year but she did always enjoy standing up with the choir. This year however she has sung each time, often over exaggerating her mouth but not in necessarily a bad way. She sometimes adds a bit of impromptu entertainment also. We are having building works done at school outside our hall window so for the majority of the singing Beth had her back turned to the rest of the school. One song had the line “I’m free” in it so Beth gave us all the pleasure at turning around right at the end to lift her arms and sing out loud “I’M FREE” with a big smile on her face before joining in the applause, clearly for herself. She had also, during the starting music for the national anthem, decided that a Homer voiced doh doh doh, along with the music was appropriate. I figured they were in for a good day.

As I said, I was never told about whether she had been ok about the DSi but after school I found out. Apparently she was at one stage standing on one childs and throwing another child’s one across the room. Not the reaction that I would have liked of course but I suppose that’ll teach me for ignoring the demands of one 11 year old girl going through the throes of adolescence.

Yesterday she was cracking it again about the fact that I wouldn’t take her to Knox to buy a dvd. By the evening she wasn’t too bad though. I was most impressed with something that she said, hence the title of this post. She had helped herself to 2 bananas so there was only one left for Bridie and Bill. I told Bridie to break it in half and of course she broke of a little bit of banana from the end. Beth looked over and looked at Bill and said “That’s a quarter Bill, a quarter is like 4 pieces.” I sat there astonished. It’s taken Beth a long time to ‘get’ maths and there she was understanding a simple fraction. I was so pleased to hear it.

Beth never fails to amuse me so I’ll end this post (which I’ve loved writing on my new laptop) with a funny from the girl. We were watching Shrek the 3rd last night and Beth likes to say the lines that she knows much to the annoyance of all around her. Or maybe it’s just me. Anyway, it was at the time that Fiona was telling Shrek that she was pregnant. Instead of saying “pregnant!” which Shrek shouts out, Beth said “Shregnant!” She then realised what she said and cacked herself laughing, saying over and over again “What did I say Mum, what did I say?” It’s nice to know she amuses herself, I love to amuse myself too so I can relate!

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