A good week, so far

It’s Thursday today and I’ve had a good birthday week. Monday morning after pilates we had a HAGS meeting (Happy Autism Group Support). Clare and Bec came along with Jen popping in to kindly give me a bunch of flowers. Bec had brought cake and Clare had bought bikkies. Amanda is away in America and Margaret is away in London (life is good for some hags hey) and some of the others had a few things on so it was a bit on the small side. If it hadn’t been advertised in the Community House newsletter we probably would have just gone out for coffee but you have to hang around just in case.

Tuesday I went shopping with the girls for Bree’s son’s birthday present. He had come for a play on Friday and I had asked him on the way home what he thought he might like. Beth was funny as she sometimes decides that she wants to join in on conversations in a very Beth way. Here’s how it went :

Aullin – I don’t have a boy cow for my farm set

Beth – what about a goat, do you have one of those for your farm collection?

Aullin – no, I need one of those too (mental note by me here)

Beth – What about a panda for your zoo collection, do you have one of those?

Aullin – no, I don’t have a panda

Beth – What about a giraffe for your zoo collection?

Aullin – no, I already have a giraffe

Beth – what about for your swamp collection, do you have a puss in boots?

Aullin – I don’t have a swamp collection

Beth – What about an ogre for your swamp collection?

Aullin – I don’t have a swamp collection

Beth – What about a snow white for your fairytale collection?

Aullin – I don’t have a fairy tale collection

and so it went on until we got home. I do love the fact that most kids don’t seem to care that Beth is crapping on about the same thing over and over, that’s just the way Beth is and they’re used to it. Anyway, we all went shopping where I did indeed buy Aullin a boy cow and a goat and lots and lots of other farm animals for the collection that I’ve decided that Bridie needs because I thought they were so good! Too bad if she doesn’t, that’s the way it goes.

Wednesday I had a Chef’s Toolbox cooking party. I am the party plan queen as I don’t believe in paying full price for something when you can get it for half price or free. We made sticky date puddings. There were a few left over but the kids didn’t want a bar of them. I thought Beth would love it as she loves puddings normally but not this time. I think that she knew that she’d have to get off the computer for it and she was firmly set in her game by that stage.

Today I had a french cooking class with my good friend Clare Bear. Yummmm is all I can say. Not much that the kids would eat but plenty for Paul and I. There was a very easy crumble at the end that would probably go down ok though. I love to try new things, unfortunately I love food too much and will be going back to Weight Watchers next week.

Bridie’s teacher is coming over tonight to try to overcome the hurdle of Bridie not talking with her. The school psychologist called me yesterday and we both agreed that Bridie’s selective mutism has got much better, but she’s still not talking to teachers at all. Will let you know how we go.

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  1. Sharon Patton says:

    How do parents join the HAGS group?

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