Monday again

We’ve had a fairly eventful weekend. Nothing special, just busy. When I last wrote I was telling you that Bridie’s teacher was coming over to try to overcome the hurdle of Bridie’s selective mutism to some extent. It went well. The teacher went into Bridie’s room and asked her questions to which Bridie answered with one word. Then they played the magnetic board barrier game that I got for Beth. Bridie had to give her teacher instructions to tell her where her pictures had to go on the big picture board. She was hesitant at first but soon got into the swing of things with my help. She was happy to give instructions but still wouldn’t converse directly with her teacher. Still, it was excellent progress.

It’s funny how siblings of autistic kids have little bits and pieces linked to the autism family. Beth had selective mutism also, something that we only got past with medication that she still takes. Bridie can’t remember Beth being non verbal so it can’t be a learnt behaviour. She is clearly not autistic so I find it interesting that she also has selective mutism. I think there’s a little bit of autism in all of us, autism is just the extremes of what non autie people have issues and anxieties with. Beth had it to a larger extent. Or maybe it isn’t linked with autism at all, maybe they both had selective mutism and Beth’s was just exaggerated by her autism.

Saturday Bill and Bridie had swimming lessons in the morning, then my Dad and Helen and my sister Deb came over to see me for my birthday. Yes, it’s now finished! I celebrate for about a week! Saturday night was a girls pamper night at school so I went along to that. I love our school. It’s such a close relationship with parents and staff alike. Meals were cooked and sold and everybody chipped in with something, it’s a real feeling of comradeship.

Sunday was Aullin’s party, it was at Emerald Lake Park. It was a lovely day for it. I’m always in 2 minds about taking the whole family to parties. We were all invited but depending on what sort of mood Beth’s in means that I’m never sure if she’ll have fun or try and spoil it for the rest of us if she doesn’t want to be there. We took 2 cars anyway just in case. I didn’t take her DSi with us as I hoped that she would join in with the other kids. I wish I had though as she kept wanting to run off to the playground where nobody else was so we either had to hold on to her where we were or Paul had to run off after her there. When we did think we could give her a bit of leeway she was found helping herself to maltesers at somebody elses party!

One of the mums from prep had brought her dog and it once again made me so glad that Minka is a girl dog. The dog was tied up to a table where we were all standing and Beth was sitting next to it and patting it. At one stage I looked down and she had her hand on his you know what, looking absentmindedly off into the distance. She didn’t seem to realise what she was doing so I just got her off the chair and moved her to somewhere else. Another friend had told me once that her male dog’s private parts get red raw at times because her son wont stop playing with them. There’s nothing sexual about it, it’s just that it’s there begging to be played with!

We had swimming tonight and Beth worked really well for Caprice. She’s coming along so well now, using her big arms and doing her breathing at the right times. I’ve been so pleased with her progress this year, Caprice is an excellent teacher.

I thought I’d start to add things that are in the news at the end of my posts to give it a bit of a timeline. The big news of the day seems to be the fact that Adam won Masterchef last night! There’s also heaps of stuff on the upcoming election between Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott.

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