I’m so over my family at the moment that it’s not funny. Paul’s work is moving so he had to work all weekend. Both days he said he’d be home at a certain time and of course wasn’t. I know he can’t help it but I should have learnt by now, I mustn’t tell the kids what time Dad has said he will be home from work as it usually doesn’t happen and I cop it all day asking when he’ll be home.

I’ve resorted to the Super Nanny naughty chair and I must say that it’s working well so far. Bridie’s the only one who needs it and she needs it big time. I know I’ve said this before but she’s such a challenging child. From the moment she wakes up to the moment she goes to bed she’s abusing me and I’m sick and tired of it. I ended up bursting in to tears on Sunday morning which scared her a bit as she drew me a picture. Of course she got over the guilt pretty quickly as a few hours later when abusing me again she told me that she would make me cry.  I even threatened at one stage to give her to a family that could handle her more than me as I had had enough. She called me on it and packed her bags! Little so and so. Anyway, I put the chair in the most boring corner of the room and as soon as she starts shouting or swinging her arms or legs she goes straight onto it. She hates it but I have threatened to smack her the minute she gets off so she’s been staying. We’ll see how long the chair works, seems to be at the moment, if not at least for making her aware of how often she loses her temper.

A little bonus this weekend was the curriculum day yesterday (Monday). That was just the icing on the cake. The decoration was Beth getting sick with asthma, she’s home today because of it. And the cherry was Paul coming home last night feeling sick and mopey. Tell me again why I got married and had kids!

Poor old Bethie gets asthma pretty badly each winter. It only comes on when she’s got a cold and she’s been hospitalised a few times. She’s now on a preventer which helps a lot and the flaxseed oil that we’d been using with Richard Malter seemed to help too so we’re keeping that up during the winter. She gets very sleepy when sick and I realised she wasn’t well on Sunday night when she just took herself to bed (mine of course) and fell asleep at about 7pm. Yesterday she napped on and off and slept early again. We had to take the kids to school this morning and then to get a few groceries, poor love was leaning on me half the time. She’s now on my bed playing on her dsi.

I’ll leave you with a chuckle as Beth comes out with such pearlers at times. We’ve been doing the wrong thing and feeding a possum on our deck and night. It’s been visiting a lot lately as our rabbit Sammy is out there in the daytime and he leaves lots of mess when he’s finished eating. Princess, as Bridie has names her, comes along and we put food out for her, we then sit and watch her eat it and talk about how cute she is. Paul hates possums as one weed on his head one night when he came home with pizza. Just thought I’d add that bit in! Anyway, we were all watching Princess and Beth comes up with “It’s a scientific fact that possums can dance you know.” Now Beth does lots of research on the internet when it’s a subject she loves so I did believe her for a moment. Then she continued on “They also love to sing.” Now that I’m not so sure about! She’s so deadpan, I love it.

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  1. Fiona says:

    I’m hearing you. I know how you feel I will swap you. Tara for Bridie.

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