Still sick

Not much to report on the home front. Beth is still sick and now Bill’s home too and I’ve got the dreaded lurgy.

Beth had a school excursion planned today to the city so it’s such a shame that she can’t go as she’d been looking forward to it for ages. She seems pretty well in herself but is very short of breath and coughs with it. Asthma is an awful thing, you can’t always see how bad it is until you’re out or trying to get things done, then Beth’ll be wanting to lie down or flops on my shoulders if she’s standing up. If the excursion was local I might have chanced it but they’re catching the train into the city and back and it’s a long day. They had to be at the station at 8.15am and aren’t home til 4pm.

Bill gets asthma too but not quite as bad as Beth. Bridie had a bit of a cough too but she wasn’t bad at all so Prue kindly picked her up for me and took her to school. It’s hard to assess first thing in the morning as everybody feels worse then. Anyway, I feel like all I’ve done is be with my delightful kids constantly since last Friday. That’s not what I signed up for! Hopefully next time I write I’ll have something newsworthy.

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