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Sorry I haven’t been on for a couple of days, I wanted to put a post after going to the Naturopath but haven’t had a chance. Yesterday I was out all day. We had a luncheon at school for the wonderful integration aides and I asked if I could help set it up and make a dessert. We really are very lucky at our school, the aides are fabulous and there’s a lot of communication back and forth to make it a real group effort to work out what’s best for our kids. I ended up blubbering again as I wanted to say thanks to all the staff for how great they’ve been with Beth. I spoke to Bec afterwards and we were laughing at the fact that they must think we’re total head cases, every time we discuss our kids we end up crying! As I pointed out to Bec though, she does hers in private, mine was in front of the whole staff! Oh well, at least they know it comes from the heart.

We’re having a trivia night on Saturday at school so in the afternoon I was chasing up prizes for that. My house looks like a bomb has hit it so today is dedicated to catching up on writing and cleaning my house. Anyway, back to the Beth news.

It’s strange going to see practitioners that you’ve never had anything to do with. Several people had suggested that I go to see this naturopath as I have been saying for a while now that the next step is an allergist. I’ve never been good with health or body issues. I was a heavy smoker and a heavy drinker til I gave up both and I eat what I want, clearly the reason why I keep mentioning Weight Watchers! I’ve never been aware of what’s really going on with my body, I just know when I’m sore and tired or grumpy. I know what is good food to eat but not in what combinations, and I’ve never been up on additives or what’s good or bad for you in packets or tins. It’s just not been a priority for me before. Therefore I find it difficult to understand when talking about which parts of food are which vitamins and what they do for your body, I just tend to zone out and say “hey tell me what to do and I’ll do it!”

As was the case with Richard Malter, the way of assessing for allergies is a bit ‘way out there’ but I saw first hand how it worked. Rather than the pulling the fingers apart which we did with Richard, this one is based on the arm being straight out in front of you. I worked as a ‘surrogate’ for Beth in that I held Beth’s hand and put my own arm out straight. Beth would hold a vial of something and I would have my arm as strong as I could. (I haven’t checked to see if I can use their name in the blog so I shall call the therapist ‘allergy lady’ until I get permission!) Allergy Lady would try as hard as she could to push my arm down. If she couldn’t then it meant that Beth wasn’t allergic. If she could then it meant she was. Sounds simple? Sounds wacky? Both of the above, but it worked.

There is an order that they do the testing in. I’ve got the book in front of me so I’ll give a brief summary of what each test was. Firstly was the BBF or Brain Body Balance Formula. This tested the overall energy of the body. It doesn’t say it in the book but Allergy Lady told me this was to check the 12 meridians. This seemed to be in order.

Secondly was the egg mix. This meant egg yolk, egg white, chicken, tetracycline (whatever that is) and touching feathers. This was ok.

Thirdly was Calcium mix. (Cal-citrate, Cal-gluconate, Cal-lactate, cows milk, goats milk, milk-casien, milk-albumin, lactic acid.) Don’t ask me what any of them mean, I get milk, that’s about it! This was ok.

Fourth was vitamin C mix. (Acerola, ascorbic acid, oxalic acid, citrus mix, berry mix, fruit mix, melon mix, cucumber mix, vegetable mix, vinegar mix, chlorophyll, quecertin, hesparin, rutin (but not tutin), bioflavoniod) This was ok.

Next was B complex. This one my arm wouldn’t stay up which meant that there was an allergy. It was so weird how it was treated but it spun me out cos it worked. AL had a buzzer thing that she put on parts of Beth, sorry can’t remember where. She got Beth to sit up straight and banged her all over her back with her fingers. Beth had to take deep breaths, pant like a train then breathe normally. This was done a couple of times. Then she did the test again and my arm stayed up there! Beth then had something that she had to hold for 20 minutes which AL put in her sock. The restrictions were big for this for 25 hours. Beth couldn’t eat or touch whole grain products, fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, anything with B vitamins. Avoid grasses, plants, trees, flowers, walking in the garden. She could eat cooked white rice, cooked white pasta, cauliflower, well cooked or deep fried fish, salt, white sugar, black coffee, french fries, purified water. Al suggested fish and chips for dinner and again for lunch the next day. She conceded that fruit might be ok so Beth had that for breakfast and as I was at school at lunchtime anyway the fish and chips weren’t a problem. It was pretty easy really.

I dropped Beth off at Bev and John’s last night when taking Bill to karate and they said she had chatted to them and explained things to them, I too have found her talking better. It’ll be interesting to see what school says. When she came home after her treatment she ran into see Paul shouting “We have to have fish and chips tonight, I have a B complex!”

Another interesting thing I found is that AL said that a vitamin B deficiency is often passed on from a parent. When looking it up in the book it explains that an allergy to B complex vitamins and malabsorption cause various brain disorders, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorders, autism, restlessness, sleep disorders, depression, addictions to drugs, alcohol, smoking, overeating, skin disorders, body ache and fatigue. Many of the later symptoms relate to me. Perhaps I have a vitamin B deficiency too? I’ll see how we go and if successful will go too.

AL also did iridology and found a few things which fit. She said there are little pockets on Beth’s bowel which collect food that goes off. I commented that she does really bad farts and apparently this is why. She also said that one of her ovaries doesn’t function properly and this comes from me as one of mine doesn’t either. She said that many of these kids are stalled in mental growth. This is true in Beth’s case, emotionally she is younger than Bridie (5) at times. Treatment can kick start that again. All in all it was interesting, if not confusing! We go back on Saturday morning, the next test is sugar which AL thinks will be a problem. This is a similar one to vitamin B and has the same issues.

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