Second appt at naturopath

Beth’s been so good the last few days, dare I hope that the allergy elimination is actually working? I haven’t asked at school how she is going but at home she’s been speaking better and her moods have been excellent for the most part.

We had swimming last night and it’s the best that Beth’s ever swum. Caprice was so happy with her and we were both amazed at how well she did. Caprice teaches her to do her strokes one arm at a time to perfect that arm. She then does the other arm on the next lap. Beth was making huge ‘bubbles’ with her feet. Usually she’s pretty slack about her feet but last night she was powering up and down the pool. She got to do lots of diving for the stick-up animals last night, as well as lots of somersaulting and bombs at the other end of the pool. Caprice is fabulous with her, if she doesn’t give it her all she doesn’t get a reward. It’s paying dividends big time with Beth really listening to her and doing what she should.

We then went back to the naturopath after swimming. I spoke to the lady there about putting them in the blog and she was all for it. It’s the Natural Healing Centre and the lady that we are seeing is called Nerida James. Beth was found last week to be allergic to vitamin B so we tested for that again to start with. It was better than last week but there was still a bit of weakness in my arm. Nerida got the vials of the individual B vitamins and held my arm, touching them all herself. I asked her how she knew that it was Beth and not me who was allergic and she said that it’s the person on the end of the line that it tests. As Nerida was touching them and holding me and I was in turn holding Beth this meant that Beth was the one being tested. It was found that the 3 individual vitamin B ones that were weak were biotin, folic acid and B6. She then tested Beth for sugar which was very weak as Nerida had suspected. Beth then held all 4 vials and Nerida did the treatment, tapping her on the back as she breathed in various ways. Once again she was tested via me and voila, my arm was strong again. I honestly don’t know how it works but hey, who cares, as long as it does.

Beth’s diet last night and today was even more limited than last time as not only were we eliminating the vitamin B again but also any sugars. This means that she can have white rice, white flour and fish and chips. We had fish and chips again for dinner last night and I was trying to think of a way to break it to her that this morning she had to have a bowl of plain rice. In the end I decided that she could have hot chips then too as I didn’t want it to be like a punishment. All the kids had them and thought it was such a treat. She went to school with some plain chips for morning tea and fish and chips for lunch again that her teacher said she would heat up for her. Unfortunately she couldn’t have any fruit at fruit time or any juice but by the time dinner comes around she’ll be able to eat normally again.

I told Nerida that Beth’s moods had been fantastic and she said that they’ll be even better with the sugars as both the vitamin B and sugars are mood stabilizers. Once again this made me want to get myself tested as I get dreadful moods at times. Nerida said this will be the worst of the elimination as far as diet it concerned. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how well Beth has taken to it, she was really looking forward to going there last night. Maybe in herself she is feeling better even though she can’t explain it. We’re back there on Saturday so looking forward to seeing what that testing brings up.

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  1. Long time reader says:

    Hi, I just thought i’d let you know that i’m a long time reader of your blog. I have friends with Austistic children and I have a friend with Autism. Reading how you deal with day to day activities has really helped me understand. I’m so excited for you that Beth has been improving so much recently!

  2. Sarah says:

    thanks so much for your feedback, always nice to hear from somebody who I don’t actually know! We’ve got our next appt tomorrow with the naturopath so will let you know how we go

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