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We went to Bev and John’s yesterday and Bridie organised with Bev to have a sleep over at some stage during the holidays. I was thinking how good it would be later in the week when we’re more over the holidays but she wanted to go today. Bill also decided that he’d like a sleepover too so they’re off at Bev and John’s now and it’s just Beth and I at home. Paul is sailing and Beth is watching a dvd so I thought I’d take the opportunity to pop on here.

We went back to see Narida yesterday morning. The amino acids were cleared which was exciting. She’s going to get us some protein powder to get the amino acids into Beth so apparently we should see a big difference with that. She then tested for digestion and found that there were problems with dairy and with sugar. I asked why, if Beth had tested negative to dairy and had been cleared of sugar, it had shown up. Nerida explained that often people aren’t necessarily allergic to something but that they can’t digest them properly. That explains why some people have a reaction to gluten yet test negative to the allergy. She also tested Beth’s brain and the signalling that goes to the brain. This was all very weak so she treated for these along with the sugar and dairy. This was quite an easy diet to limit. Any brain work means no red meat. She also couldn’t have fruits as that was the type of sugar, and no dairy. Bread was ok, as was chicken and most other things. This meant that she could have a chicken roll for lunch, nuggets and chips for dinner and toast for breakfast. It was hard for her not to have fruit as she loves it, but she understood that it was just until lunchtime today so coped well.

A friend Fiona went last week with her daughter and commented how scarily accurate Nerida is with her iridology. More and more people are coming forward to comments on Nerida and how she changed their lives. I’m quite excited at this as there are only 5 NAET practitioners in Australia, or at least 5 clinics. I’m expecting big things as always. I’m also the guinea pig for the group so I hope it works so that others will follow. We can only see I guess. I’ll keep you posted.

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