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We’ve come home from our appointment at the naturopath. We were meant to be going to Sensational Kids this afternoon but they’ve just called me to let me know that Rod is sick so we’ve rescheduled til next Wednesday. It’s a bugger as Bill and Bridie are at Bev and John’s for the day and I was looking forward to seeing if Rod saw any difference with Beth at all. I have noticed that she’s speaking better but really no more so since we started treatment, nothing new since the last visit. She’s also been acting more autistic in some ways, jumping up and down in excitement even more than usual.

Nerida is treating for the individual areas of the brain now. Some were fine, some came back very weak. I will have to refer to Wikipedia for descriptions of the areas that we are treating as neither of us really knew what functions the areas had. One of them is the frontal lobe. It explains that this area deals with long term memory, knowing right from wrong, reward, attention, planning and drive. It affects understanding consequences and socially acceptable norms including unacceptable social responses, something that is extremely common in people with autism.

Interestingly it says that damage to the frontal lobe can mean that mental flexibility and spontaneity are impaired but IQ is not reduced. Perceptions regarding risk taking and rule abiding is impaired and creativity can be diminished or increased as well as problem solving skills. Distraction also occurs more frequently.

Something else we are treating for is the lateral sulcus which divides the frontal and parietal lobe. It doesn’t seem to have much about it on wikipedia, I suppose it’s because it’s attached to the frontal lobe that it’s affected here.

There is also polarity plus that we are treating. When looking this up it tells me that to do with the neurons in the brain. I’m not really following exactly what purpose they have in the explanation. In another site it explains that polarity therapy is centred upon the concept of a human energy field. I’m not even going to try and explain what that’s about cos really I don’t know!

Anyway, I’m a bit excited about the frontal lobe treatment. It sounds like it makes sense and if it works I hope that we will be seeing some difference over the next few days.

We popped into a coffee shop on the way home for hot chocolates and I explained to Beth that we’d have to cancel our next Sensational Kids session as Beth has school camp that week. She told me to shut up and wouldn’t talk about it so I’m not sure what’s going on there. I said we could talk about it later and she said that she wouldn’t talk about it again. After she calmed down she insisted that she didn’t know whether she wanted to go to camp or not, even the lure of sharing a cabin with her favourite girl wasn’t enough to tempt her. I’ll have to talk to her teacher next time I see her.

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