Enjoying the holidays

Well so far so good, we’ve had a lovely time these holidays. On Friday the kids and I went to the zoo with one of our friends from school – Laurine. It was fabulous to have her there as she is an integration aide so is much more aware of what’s going on with Beth than other friends would be. She helped out big time and it was nice to have just our little group together. We got there fairly early and stopped first for the necessary coffee and snack. We then wandered all around, seeing pretty much every animal except for the Australian ones. We figured that we can see them at Healesville or occasionally even near home wandering around, so if we were to pick, they’d be last. We got to see the new baby elephant (guess who wanted to name him Bill?!) We didn’t have to wait long at all in the queue and watched them for quite a while. The 2 babies were playing together and hated to be seperated. We then sat down to have lunch and headed off to see the rest of the animals.

Bill was our map guide for the day and he did a great job. Bridie wanted to get a pusher – one of those that have a plastic car that the kids ride in. I was glad that I got it in the end as it had a basket on the back of it so I could put our lunches and bags straight into there. I enquired if they had lockers to put bags with lunches but they didn’t. Beth only disappeared once but luckily Laurine had seen her go into the frog display, otherwise I would have panicked and there would have been an announcement over the loud speaker.

I was so pleased to see how well Beth behaved. Only 3 or 4 years ago I still had to have her wrist strap on to stop her from running off anywhere. I was also petrified that she would climb a fence into an animal enclosure. Of course it’s gotten easier since Bill and Bridie have got older as I don’t have to worry about them at all, they always stay with me. Laurine commented too how well Beth was doing as she has worked with her on and off over the last 6 years. Beth was reading for all of us about the animal’s habitats and where they came from, all in all she was excellent. We finished the day off with icecreams and coffee and a quick trip to the shop before setting off for home, getting well and truly lost on the way! It was an overcast 21 degree day, just perfect for the zoo. Thanks Laurine for sharing it with us and helping out so much.

Yesterday was Grand Final day. Now I’m not a football fan at all, never been into it at all. I know some of the footballers if they’ve been in the news or in celebrity gossip columns but I don’t know the rules and have always found it boring. Yesterday however St Kilda was playing and as Paul barracks for them, so do the kids. Paul however was off sailing, not even his team in the finals could change that, so I felt it was my duty to watch the Grand Final for the family. The kids and I went to Bev and John’s for lunch, then the adults settled down to watch the match. Well, I was rivetted! I loved it. I don’t think I could watch it all the time as it’s such an edge of your seat game, especially yesterdays when they were so close. In the end however they drew even with Collingwood, only the second time in history (I think) that there’s been a draw in the Grand Final. This means that they have to play again next week. And the scary thing is that I’m looking forward to it! What’s happening to me?

Don’t really know what this week holds. Tuesday Beth and Bridie are off to see Nerida together, hopefully this will help a bit with Bridie’s moods. We’re then off for haircuts. Bill is dreading it as his hair is very long and curly at the moment. I like it long but it’s ridiculous at the moment as it hangs over his face. He keeps cracking it with me when I tell him to brush his hair so I threatened to us the clippers on it this morning. That shut him up!

Wednesday Paul has the day off as Beth’s Sensational Kids appointments are being rescheduled from last week. We’re also going to see a play for the kids in the morning. Other than that I’m sure they’ll be playdates to organise. Hope you’re all enjoying the school holidays as much as us. xxx

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