Monday December 6th 2010

Just a quickie.  Beth has her friend Tash (not her real name) over for a play today. She’s such a gorgeous girl and is doing whatever Beth wants. On the way home in the car they were singing songs from the radio together. Tash asked what Beth’s favourite tv shows were and Beth’s answers were real little kids shows like Mr Men and the Tweenies. Tash responded with Elmo which I thought was really cute! They chatted about their favourite movies and movie stars and singers, a real conversation, it was so nice to hear.

When they got home they went into Beth’s room to play some music and then decided to play hide and seek. Beth came and sat on the couch with her top over her face saying that there was no way that Tash could find her! They’ve been upstairs and downstairs with Tash being such a good sport. She just came out to ask if she could play on the laptop (not bad to wait for one hour) and I suggested they go and listen to some more music which they’re doing now. We haven’t had friends over for Beth in such a long time, it’s so nice to see.

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