Asleep before 10pm – unheard of!

I can’t believe it but Beth has gone to sleep already, I’m so excited I had to write it in straight away! Usually Beth goes to sleep at about 10.30, sometimes a bit earlier, sometimes even later. There were 2 or 3 nights there when we first started this treatment that she actually went to sleep just after 9.30 but it was only for those few nights. I put it down to her body preparing her for daylight savings as she seems to have this inbuilt body clock that adjusts her anyway. Since Sunday however she’s been going to sleep at about 11.30 so I thought she might take a bit longer to get used to it this year. I’m not sure how long she’s been asleep either, I was loath to go in and check in case she was just drifting off and I woke her up again! Wow, this is like 9pm in last week’s time!

School’s been back this week so that might have something to do with Beth’s exhaustion. I spoke to her teacher Helma this morning about how she went yesterday as I was curious to see if they’d seen much difference. She had noticed that they had been getting some good work out of Beth, also a bit better eye contact and that she had started to chat to one of the boys she sits next to which has never happened before. I just love Menzies Creek PS, they really put themselves out there and have always listened to what I have to say in regards to Beth’s education and wellbeing. In I went armed with the flaxseed oil mixture and the magnet with a note detailing what needed to be done and Helma didn’t bat an eyelid. I’ll go in with notes from Rod at Sensational Kids as to different things to do and different exercises to try for Occupational Therapy and Helma and Shelley (Beth’s main aide) will copy the notes and put them into practice. Helma even called Rod and went through different things that they are each doing with Beth. It’s such a personal school, there’s only about 150 odd kids (meaning approx 150, not odd kids!) I recommend our school to heaps of people and once said jokingly to our Principal Tanya “sorry, you’ll be known as the school that takes all the autistic kids” to which she replied “that’s just find by me.” And she meant it. What better recommendation is there than that.

I was just going to settle in and watch the Batchelor on Go now that we’ve got it but I think I might just go to bed instead. Nite nite all, speak soon. xxxxx

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