3rd Appointment with Richard Malter

We had our third appt yesterday with Richard and Alan yesterday. They seemed quite pleased with Beth’s progress so far. I was a bit worried as to how much of the virus had come out as the only thing we haven’t done is buy a flat screen tv, something that would cost us money that we just don’t have, especially not long before Christmas time. If it hadn’t worked though that was what we would have to do.

Richard checked the levels and said that 2/5 of the virus was gone. I thought he’d ask me what I was doing wrong but he was really pleased, he said that it meant that the treatment was working and to keep it going. He’s going away for a couple of weeks which meant that we couldn’t come back and see him for 5 weeks so we’ll just keep up the flaxseed oil and magnets on the fingers for that time. The good things about the fact that we’re still going on the brain instead of moving on to the liver is that there’s still 3/5 room for improvement. Whilst I and others have certainly noticed improvement it hasn’t been as big as I had hoped so I was glad that he hadn’t just said that that was all they could do as far as the brain is concerned.

I asked Richard about Beth’s irratibility as her and 2 others kids that we know are all doing the same treatment and all have had some moods escalated. In the book that I read about others doing a similar treatment as ours and it says that it can be like turning the volume up on the autistic traits so that some are quite extreme so I was interested to get Richard’s take on this as he hadn’t mentioned anything in his previous appointments. He hadn’t heard of this before but did say that as Beth does have the virus in her liver also, which we would be treating next, that some of the flaxseed oil would have inadvertently gone to the liver. He tested this area and said that yes indeed the numbers had gone down a bit here, he said that as the stomach is such a sensitive area that we will have some issues with Beth’s moods while this is being healed.

So all in all I was quite pleased. We popped in to see Pat and David, my adoptive aunt and uncle, and Pat commented on how much better Beth seems to be getting with her speech. She also behaved pretty well, often when we go there I’m constantly having to watch that she’s not running out to the road or down to the creek but she settled in well, playing with the dog or down in the sandpit.

We’re off to horseriding this morning so hopefully that will go well. It’s a beautiful day today so it should be lovely. I’ll let you know how we go. xxx

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2 Responses to 3rd Appointment with Richard Malter

  1. Suzie says:


    I hope you cab help me.

    I am wanting to know how your treatment with Richard Malter went?
    Did you find the results you were wanting??
    How long did you see him for, to get your results??

    Please tell me if you think he’s worth seeing for treatment.

    Many thanks for your time


  2. Sarah says:

    hi Suzie. I think it went well but it was probably not a good time to do it with Beth as it was right at the onset of puberty so assessing her mood was a difficult one anyway. I’ve always done one treatment at one time so that I can tell what if anything is working with Beth. Communication wise we did see an improvement, she was more alert and willing to talk to others and more responsive. I would definitely give it a try. Even if you only get 5% improvement it’s worth it. Also, it’s non invasive and not painful at all. We went for a good six months, every fortnight. Beth had to lay still for some of the time which was difficult as I wasn’t allowed to touch her when they were doing the testing. I could calm her down then she’d have to be still but not for long. She also had to take flaxseed in largish doses 4 times a day which we disguised in stewed apple. Not knowing your child I’m not sure how he/she would go with that. Good luck and thanks for reading! x

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