Bill’s birthday

Paul went back to work this week. I was feeling really good but this week am feeling a bit ordinary again, I suppose it’s because I have to do the stuff that Paul had been doing. Not much but even just looking after the kids takes it out of you. I have to go for an echo cardiogram on Monday as my heart rate is still up. I’m expecting all to be ok, just a leftover thing from the pneumonia as I had it pretty bad. Looking forward to the kids going back in a week so that I can rest up a bit.

It was Bill’s 9th birthday on Tuesday. We had friends over on both Monday and Tuesday so that kept the kids busy. We always do a treasure hunt on the morning of the kids birthdays. That’s something that I loved when I was a kid, mum would leave one present on my bed and it would have a clue to where the next one is and it went on from there. With my kids they all have to be up and they bring them in to my bedroom or the lounge and open them in front of all of us.

On Wednesday (Australia Day) Bill had his party. He invited  friends to go with us to see Yogi Bear in 3D at Knox, followed by lunch at Hogs Breath. Well, if ever I was in doubt about wanting more children, that day made the decision for me! Not that they were badly behaved, boys are just sooooo loud! Paul had them in the car with him and I met them there with the girls. Will (who also has autism) was one of Bill’s friends and he was hilarious. He left his shoes in the movies and had to run back and get them. He also tried to tell me that when the movie ends they were all supposed to run down the front, get up onto the stage and play with the curtains! I talked him out of that one. For the first time ever we were the only ones in the theatre. All the kids were great so it didn’t matter.

At lunch they were all trying to outdo each other. When I tried to ask them to tone it down a bit, Will let me know that he always talks that loud. Stevie kept getting ready to eat, then decided to talk some more so in the end I had to be bitchy mum and tell them all to be quiet and eat their lunch. All the boys had to smell each others breath after each mouthful. Paul found a cockroach in his lunch which was vile, then Bridie got locked in the toilet. It was horrible too, I sent her off by herself for the first time ever, then as I was going to see where she was, all I could hear was her screaming for me to help her. I had visions of her being trapped with some pervert but the lock had stopped working. They had to break the door down. Poor love, she was so scared. Finally, all apologetic, they brought out the icecream with sparklers for my Bill. They all sang happy birthday then Will stated proudly that he loves sparklers as he makes explosives out of them! I got home and called Bec laughing and exhausted.

Beth has been pretty good throughout the week. She’s still been a bit argumentative at times. We went to the school today to pick up the books for next week’s start and of course hers were for grade 6. Her aide was there and asked if she was looking forward to it. To give Beth credit, she didn’t stick her fingers in her ears and just said she didn’t know. When we got home however, there was a letter from the principal for Beth, talking about grade 6 and leadership roles that the kids would be taking this year. Beth wouldn’t let me read it to her or read it herself. Basically she wanted nothing to do with it. It’ll be interesting next week to see how she goes in grade 6. I think she’ll be fine once she gets there, it’s the unknown that seems to worry her. I dread High School soooo much!

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