A friend called Justin

Just a little funny thing that happened today. I took the kids around to Bev and John’s house for lunch while Paul went sailing. Beth likes all sorts of bugs and tries to sneak them around whenever she got the chance. When caught out she blantantly lies about it too, going against the belief that autistic kids don’t lie. Bev and I caught her lying on the bed with a snail this afternoon. We asked her why she said she had a snail in the house and she remarked that it wasn’t a snail, it was her friend Justin. I’m assuming she named it after Justin Timberlake. Not because of his singing but because he is in Shrek 3 and also in the recently watched Yogi Bear.

After taking Justin outside for a play on the trampoline Beth was stopped from bringing him back to the house. She then wanted to bring him home with her. I told her that he would miss all his family if he was brought to a new house where he didn’t know any other snails. Eventually she popped him on the table and went off, coming back with another snail. I asked her who her new friend was. She told me that her name was Fion. Rather than being pronounced like Fiona without the ‘a’ it was pronounced like the singer Dion. Before I could ask her anything else she told me that Fion had no family, no parents and no children, she was just a snail by herself. Obviously this was her way of bringing her home. When it was time to go she took both Justin and Fion, telling them that she’d found a lovely big rock for them. I heard her tell them as she put them on “This rock will be nice and romantic for you!”  And they say kids with autism don’t have imaginations!

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