2 more sleeps

I’m looking forward to talking about my kids without a moan or descriptive  words. Such as ‘bloody kids’ or ‘Bridie’s driving me crazy.’ Luckily Paul was home for most of the school holidays. I’m going stir crazy as it is and I’ve only had 2 weeks of it by myself.

Beth was especially naughty last night. She kept getting up and told me that she was trying to get Sam to come into her room for a cuddle. Sam is Bridie’s rabbit who we bring in at night time in a little cage. During the day he’s out on our enclosed deck but at nights the possums come and eat all his leftovers. I knew in my heart that she had probably got him out of his cage but I was jolted out of my sleep and just wanted to forget all about it. I ended up putting Beth in with me as she was running in and out of her room and it was after midnight. When Bill came in this morning to tell me of something munching under his bed I knew what it was! Hopefully he hasn’t done much damage. He doesn’t generally poo in the house but as the lid wasn’t off his cage, it was just opened from the top, he didn’t have much choice. It’s more that he chews on everything, in particular wires. We’re lucky he hasn’t been electrocuted, we’ve only noticed when something has stopped working.

That’s the problem with summer holidays and daylight savings. The kids stay up til all hours. We try to get them into bed between 8 and 8.30pm but it’s still light. Bridie didn’t go to sleep ’til 10 last night and she was feral until that time. I know that she’ll still be feral for a few weeks after school goes back while she juggles going back to earlier nights and tiredness from being busy all day but at least I’ll get a break.

The speeches for the school captains and vice captains are on next Wednesday. We have Sensational Kids booked in for that day but as it’s such an important part of grade 6 I thought I’d give Beth the option of cancelling SK and doing a speech or going to SK. Of course as it’s in the future and to do with the Grade 6 that we still are unsure about, she refused to discuss it. I’ll have a word to her teacher as if she wants to try out for it I don’t want to hold her back. Mind you I don’t know how she would go if she was voted in but she’d certainly have a lot of help. Even so, there are captaincies throughout the whole of grade 6 but she wont even talk about which one she thinks she’d be suitable for.

This morning she’s being pretty horrible to everyone, but then again they’re all quite snappy. I think they’re bored and tired and basically I’m just not going to entertain them! Roll on Friday.

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