First day back at school

Well so far so good. I was worried this morning as Beth kept telling me that she felt sick. She has had a bit of a cough for the last few days and I wondered if she really was coming down with something or that she had heard me telling the other kids how many more days til school started. If she had her way she’d never go to school. Having said that she does love the social aspect of school. I figured once she got into the classroom she’d see that it wasn’t too bad.

Last night she was up and down like a yoyo. It was dreadful. I was up late due to all my favourite shows coming back after Christmas. It was the first Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and Private Practice on at the ridiculous time of 10.30pm. I was wide awake but as the night wore on I realised so was Beth. Usually she’s a bit flighty but by 10.30 she’s conked out. Not last night. I kept threatening to bring her in with me and she kept telling me that she didn’t want to sleep with me. Finally at 11pm I got fed up with it. I heard her get up and I caught her going into the kitchen. I yelled at her to go to bed and she exclaimed “But I’m hungry!” Nice Mummy me replied “Tough, get out of the kitchen NOW!” I made her come in to my bed and she finally got to sleep at about 11.45pm.

As soon as Beth woke up this morning she started coughing. When in the bathroom getting ready to  clean her teeth she started to gag and told me she needed to vomit. I told her I didn’t care, she was still going to school. That stopped her. I then caught her with her hands around her throat so that her cough would sound so much worse. I explained that if she did things like that I wouldn’t believe her when she really was sick. I have told her this before and I don’t think she gives a rats arse about it but it made me feel better to say it!

We set off early so that we could get all 3 kids settled into their new classrooms. Bridie was going into the new building so didn’t even know what room she’d be in. The plan was to settle Beth then take Bridie. What I didn’t count on was the traffic jam at the Catholic Girls school on the way. Apparently it happens every year, when the new year 7’s start and all the parents want to go in with them. They park in the street and block all the traffic. We got to school just as the bell rang.

I explained to Beth’s teacher that Beth was really anxious and he told me that she had been quite anxious even at their trial time last year. She had said to him then that this wasn’t her classroom. Just after we arrived this morning she ran off to the toilet. Luckily her aide was there and I told her so that she could go and get her. I also told her about the speeches day on Wednesday, hoping that she could get out of Beth what leadership role she’d like to take. Also whether to cancel Sensational Kids on Wednesday so that she could do a speech for school captain.

I went off to art class (at last) followed by lunch and wandering around the shops with the girls. It was very busy in Belgrave, I think lots of mums had the same idea. When I went to pick the kids up they were all as pleased as punch by their day. Beth seemed very happy, holding hands with her bestie as she came out. She still wouldn’t tell me about the speech day though!

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