My ace daughter

Beth does make me laugh. As we had Sensational Kids on Wednesday she wasn’t there for the captaincy speeches nor deciding what sort of captain she wanted to be. Her teacher sat her down and asked her to choose and she decided to be the house colour Red captain. I found this a strange choice as she hates sports and rarely participates but there you go, it was her choice. At assembly this morning the principal read out all of the grade 6 captains but hadn’t been told yet what Beth’s role was. At the end her teacher told the principal and she was asked to stand up with the other 2 red captains. Most of the kids had stood up, looked around and sat down again. Not my Beth. She stood up and pumped her hand in the air with a big woohoo! Good on her. I love that about her, she’s happy for the world to know when she’s happy about something. Of course this works the other way too.

We went back to swimming last night. Beth was happy to see Paton and did really well. She seems much happier now that she realises that she likes grade 6. I think it’s the fear of the unknown. Beth’s anxiety rules a lot of her moods as is probably the case with most kids with autism. She likes her peers as well as her teacher and her aide and that’s half the battle.

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