Off to Puffing Billy

We’ve had a good few days. The weekend was fairly quiet with Saturday going to Bev and John’s for lunch and Sunday a bit of shopping. Paul took the kids to Knox to buy shoes and school shorts and Beth wanted to go along and get a dvd replacement for one that had broken, so I had a lovely quiet afternoon. Beth was ok with going to school on Monday morning so she must be settling in to Grade 6 ok. She did get a notice sent home saying that she had gotten 2 yellow cards last week. One was for leaving the classroom without asking and one was for going in to the new music room at lunchtime and playing without asking. We talked through the notice and she said the obligatory “sorry mum, I wont do it again.” Then she told me yesterday that she got another card for running out of the room and had to spend time in the principals office. I don’t know whether it’s a flight or fight situation, if there’s something that’s freaking her out or if it’s just her being naughty. I’m thinking it’s the latter as they’d make a few more allowances if it was an anxiety issue. I’ll have a word with her teacher when I get the chance.

The school is having an excursion on Puffing Billy today. Paul has taken the day off to go. Bridie wanted me to go but I have other plans. Last time I went on Puffing Billy I was pregnant with Beth and got so sick, I thought I was going into labour! It’s a gorgeous day for it, it’s going to be 31 degrees. I’m sure Paul with be exhausted after spending the day with a school full of kids.

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