A movie about my girl

I had an email from a terrific organisation last week – Interchange. They were asking around on behalf of a church group about doing a movie about a child/teenager with special needs and a friend they had who didn’t have special needs. Instantly Beth’s friend Jessica came to mind. She’s a gorgeous girl, I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about her before. She’s wonderful with Beth and they play so nicely together. I checked with Jessica’s mum first to see how she felt about them doing the movie together. They would film them playing together then interview them each to ask what they liked about each other. Tegan asked Jessica and they both said yes! I’m very excited. We’re organising it for next Tuesday so will keep you posted.

We’ve had a quiet weekend. Beth seems to have settled in well to grade 6. She still has issues about talking about things in the future though. It’s her 12th birthday next month and I’ve asked her what she wants as a present, also what she wants to do with her friends. She turned away from me and wouldn’t talk about it. I’ll talk more with her tonight as it was in the car on the way to school and Bill and Bridie were in the back sticking their beaks in with suggestions. Hopefully she’ll talk about it if she realises that she wont have a party if she doesn’t.

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