Having a good week

We had the research thingy at Monash Uni yesterday. It made me want to go to Uni, I love all those big campuses. Beth was really excited about going. I’m not sure if it’s because she was looking forward to the games on the computer or because she didn’t want to go to school. Doesn’t really matter, she wasn’t against going which was the main thing.

We got there early and Beth with her wonderful memory asked “Where’s Tamara” as if she’d met her before. They introduced themselves to each other and Beth started out with her joke. She does this to most people and it goes something like this : “What’s your favourite colour?” then “What’s your favourite animal?” then “What’s your favourite number” then “What’s your favourite body part?” Then she’ll start laughing (Just as Fizz from the Tweenies does when she did it originally) and say “Your favourite animal is (for example) a green pig with 17 eyes!” I did wonder whether Tamara may stop her after the 2nd or 3rd question, not knowing that it was in fact a joke, but they got all the way though it much to Beth’s amusement. As they shut the door behind them I could ask Beth asking what Tamara’s favourite movie was, which character she likes and what part of the movie was her favourite!

As the testing went on I could hear things such as a voice on the computer. It wold say a sentence and Beth would have to repeat this. I also heard Beth saying ‘no’ over and over again, getting louder and louder. Then I heard some yeses so understood that it was questions that she was answering. All in all I think it went well and she seemed to enjoy herself. We’ll get the results in about 3 weeks.

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