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Beth and I have been to Sensational Kids today. Whiskers (not her real name) the Occupational Therapist wasn’t there today so it was just with Rod for Speech Therapy.

Beth was in a good mood today and was quite excited to be going to Sensational Kids. We had another Speechie observing today which doesn’t seem to bother Beth. Rod asked her to make up a story and tell him about it, draw it and then write 5 sentences about it. It became clear that Beth was chosing something from a movie when she started talking about ants and grasshoppers and life cycles. I asked her if it was from A Bugs Life or Ants and it was indeed from A Bugs Life. She did find it difficult to stray away from the story of the movie though we assured her that the movie could be the basis and she could make the rest up. They must eat seeds in the movie but she didn’t know what vegetable they were from so found that difficult. In the end it was established that she was on a farm and the vegetable she’d be planting was pumpkin. It was funny when Rod, writing upside down, missed the second ‘p’ in pumpkin and Beth had to correct him. The ants and caterpillars were to come and eat the seeds and the sun would be feeding the pumpkin.

When it came time to draw the picture Beth didn’t add in herself planting nor the pumpkin. Rod called her on it and she drew them in and circled them. Rod then asked if she had drawn them before he had suggested and she stated that yes, she had drawn them in in the first place. Although we shouldn’t have laughed we couldn’t help ourselves when she then told Rod he must be lying because she had done it and he was saying that she didn’t. It was said with a smirk so no malice intended.

Rod gave her ‘joining words’ so that her sentences weren’t just statements. She did really well with these with not too much prompting. She wrote “The sunlight feeds the pumpkin. Then the ants eat the pumpkin and they bring the food to the ant hill.” The word ‘then’ at the beginning of the second sentence meant that it was still relating to the first sentence. The ‘and’ was to extend the sentence. We are to do the res at home as Beth’s time was running out and she needed a Rod shoulder ride to the ball pit. It was a great session and I was very proud of my girl.

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