A lovely weekend

Beth and I have had a lovely cruisey weekend. Paul has taken Bill and Bridie on a cubs family camp weekend. Beth would be a nightmare camping and I’ve never camped in my life – and never want to. It’s just not my thing. Being a long weekend, we’re had since Friday night to ourselves, and it’s now Monday morning.

Beth had another swimming lesson with Paton on Thursday night. She’s a terrific swimming teacher and Beth really responds well to her. She’s really starting to look like a swimmer now, she’s got the breathing on the third stroke thing down pat and is making lots of bubbles with her legs kicking. She gets rewards of somersaults or jumping in the deep end if she does well, and she often does. I’ll try to sneak a video camera in next time. You’re not meant to take film but as she’s the only one in the pool at the time it might be ok.

Friday night is when the campers left so we had a quiet night. In fact we’re had a quiet weekend. We’re very compatible, Beth and I. She’s happy to do her own thing which I allow within reason. I sorted heaps of stuff out, got some reading done and caught up on episodes of tv shows that I fell asleep watching. We had a sleepover of our own on Saturday night as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was on tv and went til 10. Bethie watched it in my bed. On nights like these I realise why she takes so long to go to sleep. She just can’t seem to lie still. I would drop off and be startled awake by Bethie leaping around, even after the tely was turned off. Even if I left the room, I’d come back to find her spead out on her tummy over the whole bed. She just can’t keep still.

We’ve had all of Beth’s favourites that nobody else but me likes. Spaghetti Bolognaise is one of our all time favourites which we had on Saturday night for dinner. We had pancakes for Sunday breakfast and have had fruit toast every day for lunch. Nothing especially junkie which is good, just old fashioned favourites. Beth has an excellent appetite, something I’m eternally grateful for each time I speak with people whose kids with autism have food issues (lots and lots of them.) She loves her fruits and veggies. She has 6 weetbix for breakfast every morning, though this morning it was 3 weetbix and 2 pancakes. She doesn’t like to try new spicey foods which Bill does (though he’s a nightmare to eat veggies) but I can live with that. She does enjoy things like tacos and butter chicken so I think as she gets older she’ll try new things.

Well that’s about all I’ve got to share today. We’ve had a lovely quiet weekend enjoying each other’s company, all is well in the world! Hope you all had a good long weekend too xx

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