Hand, Foot and Mouth disease

I’ve got all my kids home with hand, foot and mouth disease. It was expected. After all there are only 2 weeks til the school holidays and I had packed in too many social activities to keep me going before then. It happens every holidays, I have one (usually Beth) sick the week before they start. Hopefully I’ll still get next week, fingers crossed.

Beth had swimming on Thursday which was terrific. Once again she worked really well for Paton. She’s an excellent teacher and I continually tell the management as I’m a big believer of credit where credit’s due. Beth really enjoys her lessons too.

On Friday Paul went to pick up a bag of stuff that I had gotten from Freecycle, an online organisation that you can give things away and request things also. I had asked if anybody had powerpuff girls stuff and had received a bag of books, a money box and a doona cover from a kind lady. Beth was rapt and spent all evening reading her 10 or so books.

We had a busy weekend socially. Saturday we had Bill’s basketball game (he got a certificate) then went out to lunch with my family. It was my Dad Bill’s birthday last week and it’s Beth’s birthday tomorrow. Beth got a lovely necklace from Dad and his wife Helen as well as a cat card. It meows the birthday song which amuses her no end. One of the many things that I love about Beth is that she’s very complimentary. She was telling Helen how much she likes her earings. She does this a lot, she’ll focus on something nice about somebody and let them know. Some adults could learn from this!

Sunday we went to Bev and John’s for Beth’s birthday lunch. Bev made a roast beef and Beth’s (as usual) was gone before anybody else was halfway through their meal. They gave Beth a requested glow doodle. It’s like a magna doodle which illuminates in various colours. It’s also see through so you can trace something underneath.

What a shame that Beth can’t be at school for a little while. Hopefully her blisters have actually been unnoticed for a few days as Bridie has had hers since last Wednesday and it’s now Monday and she still has them. Beth tries all the time to get out of going to school but as this week is her birthday she was looking forward to taking her bags of chuppa chups to share. Never mind, she can take it next time. Hopfully  I can figure out what’s wrong with the photos on here by tomorrow so I can post some photos of Beth’s birthday. Have a good day everybody.

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