It’s Bethie’s birthday!

It’s Beth’s 12th birthday today. The kids are still home as Bill’s blisters are quite bad in his mouth and the girls blisters are on their last day (thank goodness!) I can hear Beth getting incredibly frustrated at the moment with one of her presents. She asked for a talking Bratz Chloe doll. When I told her we had bought all of her presents already she used the logical argument that we could use the money that my Aunty Diana sends us from the UK for her birthday money to buy it. I was so pleased with her reasoning that I bought one – from America. The problem is that I think Beth thought it talked as in having a conversation. Instead it seems to ask questions and Beth has to answer them. She keeps yelling questions at it! Never mind, she’ll work it out.

We’ve only had about 2 fights today. One was that Bill and Bridie were playing with the new toys and, God forbid, Beth wanted to play with those ones. I reminded Bill that on his birthday he didn’t have to share his new toys, or if he did he got first choice as to which one he wanted to play with. This resulted in a mini tantrum with door slamming. The other fight was with Bridie as she desperately wants to play with Bill nearly all the time. The rest of the time it’s with me. Therefore I obviously try to encourage the sibling playing. Bridie needs to be kept busy all the time. She gets bored very easily and doesn’t cope well with being born into a family of sloths. She’s constantly asking me to do things with her. Poor old Bill cops the brunt of this boredom.

The rest of the presents seem to be a success. She got a slinky dog, some zhu zhu pet accessories, some clothes, a nice horoscope canvas for her new room, some powerpuff girl figurines and a disney annual. Oh, and some slippers. I think she did very well. She loved her slinky dog and was reading a toy story page to him with Jessie, resulting in another fight as Bridie wanted to play with Jessie at the time. I love being a mum!

She’s chosen takeaway pizza for dinner (yay!) and Paul will have to get a cake on the way home. She’s also chosen pancakes for lunch. Unfortunately I’m still having problems putting photos on here. It was hilarious taking them. She reminded me of the My Name is Earl character Earl. He could never have a photo taken without his eyes being shut. I’d take one that looked great, then her eyes would be shut in the photo!

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