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We had our school fete yesterday. Once again it reminded me of what a fabulous school we have. The sense of community is that of a small country school and it’s clear that students,  teachers and parents alike love their school so much.

I’ve had Bethie home with me all week. Luckily her spots are gone now as she never would have forgiven me if she hadn’t gone to the fete. We’ve also got her birthday party on today. Friday the grade 6’s had their leadership badges given out at assembly so I put Beth in her school uniform so that she could at least collect her Red House Captain badge with the rest of her class. She then came along with me to my art class again, armed with dvds and food this time. Last time I wasn’t so prepared and we took an awfully long time to decide on which of their dvds she would be able to watch.

Yesterday (Saturday) was an early one as Bill had basketball 1/2 an hour away at 9.10am. Normally Paul or myself would take him alone but as it was his last game we all went along. Bill’s team won. He got a certificate last week as he has improved so much since he started this term. It’s great for him to participate in a team sport and he really enjoys it. Bridie runs around playing with a friend and Beth leans back on me either reading or playing on the best babysitter in the world, her DSi.

After a short interlude at home we went to Bev and John’s (my inlaws) for lunch and to leave Minka the Wonderdog for the afternoon. I had to change the kids into their school uniforms before we left for the fete. There has been a long awaited new building built at our school and the big opening was yesterday before the fete. The kids all went and sat on the floor as the speeches were made, the choir sang and Bill’s class sang the school song. We then looked around at all the wonderful new rooms and artwork. Then it was time to party on at the fete.

Bill nicked off with his friends from the start as any boy would do, only coming back to ask for money or food. Bridie did this for a little while too but spent most of her time with Paul or myself. The kids had armbands which meant they could go on all the rides without buying tickets first. One of the rides was a bucking bull in a blowup ring. It reminded me that my aunty had one of these at her 60th birthday party! I think I’ve inherited her craziness because I love that idea! There were lots of jumping castle type of things with blow up slides and tunnels which Beth loved. The octopus, that she loves, wasn’t running early on so Beth was disappointed in that as she loves the scary rides.

I was on the dishes tent from 4 ’til 7. We try to be an environmentally friendly school and for the last 3 years have used reusable cutlery and crockery. My girlfriend Bree and her husband Aron organise a dishes station where they all get washed and sent back to the food court. She even made flags for yesterday with various things on them, I think the main one said it was the scrubbers tent! As I was on there Paul was in charge of the kids. He came over saying he would do the dishes if I took Beth on the octopus as he wont do the scary rides. I tried to find somebody to go on with her as I really wasn’t all that keen. I even asked the school captain Kane, his mum was on the dishes with me and told me how cute it was that Beth calls Kane ‘Pilchard’ from the Bob the Builder show! She seems to have taken a shine to Kane and he’s lovely with her. He wasn’t keen either and in the end the lovely Jessica came to the rescue and took Beth on the ride.

Today we’ve got the movies and Hogs Breath for lunch again. We’re going to see Rango this time. Beth chose Jessica, Erin and her third was Laurine who is an aide at our school and afriend. She came along last time as she had wanted to see Alice in Wonderland. Beth with her elephant memory had remembered this and had wanted her to come again. I told her that she could have a third girl and Laurine also as she wasn’t coming in our car but no, that’s who she chose. I’ll let you know how we go.

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