A great party

Beth had a lovely party yesterday. I took Bill to buy the tickets early so we didn’t have to line up and Paul brought the girls in the car with him. Jessica and Erin were dropped at our house at about 10am. We went to see Rango. It was a strange movie, not what I expected at all. I half expected a meltdown when I realised that it wasn’t the 3D version but Beth was so happy to be out with her best buds that she took it all in her stride.

After the movies we went to Hogs Breath for lunch. A friend and aide from school – Laurine – had come along too. I got some lovely photos of the girls all together having a laugh and a cuddle, as well as some of them pulling funny faces. I always love it when I get candid shots of Beth. She doesn’t always know how to act when having her photo taken and the photos often look forced or silly. It was nice to see some of her not looking ‘so autistic’ if you know what I mean.

After lunch we all came home and the girls played hide and seek and listened to some music in Beth’s room. It was great to hear them all groan when I said it was time to take them home. It meant that the other girls had had as good a time too! As girls do, they sang along to tunes on the car radio. Beth’s got such special friendships with those two, we’re so lucky in that sense. Not that she’s not worth it, just that often I hear of kids on the outer as far as friendships are concerned. Hopefully she’ll find new friends at high school that treat her with the respect and kindness that Jessica and Erin do.

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