So proud of my girl

There’s been an issue at school lately with Beth fancying a boy in her grade. It seemed funny to start with and quite cute but last week our principal told me that the boys parents were concerned as it was getting out of hand. Beth wouldn’t stop telling him that she loved him and telling him to dump the girl that he is going out with. He had tried to be nice about it but it had begun to upset him, understandably. Our principal had asked if I could do a social story for the situation.

I did a generic story so it wasn’t all about Beth and this boy. I read it to her from the computer and as we read I talked about their situation. I explained that he couldn’t help how he felt. I validated her feelings and said that I knew she was hurt and it was ok to talk to adults about these feelings. I said that it wasn’t ok to go on and on about it and that he wouldn’t even like her as a friend if she embarassed him or hurt his feelings. She seemed to understand.

This was on Thursday. Today is Tuesday. This morning the boys mum came to me and said how well the social story had worked. She said that Beth had gone up to her son and not only apologized but had told him that she didn’t realise that it upset him so much. I was so proud of her. I didn’t even cover apologizing or explaining, thinking it was enough for her to stop the behaviour. Therefore she did this on her own. Our principal reiterated this, saying that the boy in question had spoken with her about how pleased he was. What a nice boy!

Tomorrow’s D Day! I’m so excited to finally be going to see Heatherwood special school. I’ll let you know how we go.

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  1. Bernice says:

    Congratulations Beth, you will find a special friend one day and when you do enjoy your toime together, love Bernice

  2. Sarah says:

    thanks for reading Bernice! x

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