a social story about periods

just thought I’d share this if anybody out there has a girl.

When girls start to get a bit older they go through what is called puberty. Puberty can seem a bit yucky sometimes. You get hair in funny places. You get it under your arms and on your vagina. Sometimes your underarms start to smell and you have to start wearing deodorant to make you smell nice again.

This can happen at all different ages. Some girls start their puberty at 8 or 9, others don’t go through puberty until they are teenagers. Usually when girls start puberty they have to start wearing funky bras because their boobs start to grow too!

Something else happens when girls go through puberty. Blood starts to come out of the vagina sometimes. This is called a period. It can be pretty messy  so girls put what’s called a pad in their knickers. This stops the blood from getting on to their clothes. It can feel a bit uncomfortable sometimes before you get used to wearing them. They have a sticky strip on them to stick them to the undies and sometimes have what are called wings which stick underneath your undies.

It’s a bit scary when you first get your period if you don’t know what’s going on. If blood starts coming from your vagina you should speak to an adult to check what to do. All mums and female teachers or helpers know what to do because they’ve all had their period. Dads and male teachers are ok to talk to too as they know what periods are. It can seem a bit embarrassing to talk to somebody about something so private but everybody understands.

There’s nothing wrong with you when you get your period, it doesn’t mean that you are hurt just because you are bleeding. It’s natural even though it’s a bit yucky. Girls get their periods every month. Usually they bleed for about 5 days. Sometimes it feels like you have to change your pad all the time, especially when your period starts but it gets less and less as the days go on. When your period first starts it’s good to have something under you when you sleep, just in case a bit of blood leaks out.

Just remember, every woman has had their period or still gets their period so it doesn’t mean that anything is wrong. Even people on telly and in pop bands get their periods! It’s messy and a bit yucky at times but it’s natural and nothing to worry about.

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