Been to the psych

Beth saw the psychologist at Sensational Kids today. Paul ended up taking her as I had been up all night with a bit of a tummy bug. Rod had laringytis so wasn’t there either so Beth just saw Rebecca. Showing how comfortable she is there Paul said Rebecca introduced herself and Beth said “Hi Becky!”

Paul said it was fairly inconclusive as we don’t necessarily think that Beth knows the reason why she’s not happy at school at the moment. One suggestion made which was a good one is that the aide notes when incidents happen, also when things are going well in the classroom. Maybe if we have a record with times we may see a pattern or a certain time of day when they happen. She did suggest that Beth wear a hoodie as she was wearing one during their session. She pointed out that Beth could put this over her head and muffle out noise but her grade 6 jacket has a hood and she already does this.

I got a copy of the reports for our 6/7 review today. I knew they would be awful which is what was needed but still, they left me in tears. Things I wasn’t aware of such as her pulling up her top/pulling down her pants in the toilets and looking at her body in the mirror in front of other kids. It also broke my heart to read of her increasing solitude due to her losing her connection with her friends and her capacity to socialise. It states that her autistic behaviours have increased quite a bit since starting her period. It says that she lives very much in her own world and is socially disconnected from those around her. It says she is displahing signs on anxiety, confusion and aggression as she struggles to understand demands made on her and negotiate her way through each day. Basically it goes on and on in that vain. I knew that the report would be awful, we’ve been through it before and I was of course warned. During our meeting I had a brief look at these but sitting down reading all of the reports makes me feel sick in the guts. If I was reading this about another child I would feel such sorrow for them, it’s devastating to read it about your own child. It’s such shit that we as parents have to go through all of this just to get our kids a safe and happy education.

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