School Holidays

It’s the first Thursday of the school holidays and I’m still somewhat sane. I am attributing this to the fact that the two younger children are in a school holiday program with the local church for three days this week. I drop them off at 10am and pick them up at 4pm. They feed them too. It’s a bargain, $90 for the both of them. The only downside is that I know they’re basically eating party food the whole time they’re there but for the sake of my sanity I’m willing to turn a blind eye.

Beth and I have been having a lovely time. We’ve been having pancakes for lunch and doing bugger all for the day. She’s so easy compared to my Bridie who needs to be kept entertained all the time. Bill’s pretty easy too as he’d play XBox all day if I let him. Beth will read or watch dvds or play on the computer, when we’re home she’s not hard at all. Or at least when she’s doing what she wants to do.

We went to see Kung Fu Panda 2 on Monday. My friend Amanda came with her boys too. The movie wasn’t actually as bad as I thought it would be and Bridie and I only had to make one trip to the toilet this time so she must have enjoyed it too! I did have a laugh when we sat down. Amanda’s Lachlan (her boy on the spectrum) was picking his position and when he was asked to move wasn’t happy as he had the prime spot. I told Amanda about an episode of Big Bang Theory when they went to the movies and Sheldon did the exact same thing! It’s so funny watching that show knowing that Sheldon has so many aspie traits though I don’t think the word has actually ever been mentioned. We went for drinks afterwards but Beth was in an especially petulant mood and kept doing things like picking at the leather on the seats that were peeling or grumbling really loudly, just enough really to piss me off which she seems to have down to a fine art. But then that’s kids in general isn’t it?

Something else she does that is especially annoying is watching You Tube clips really loudly on the computer. Do anybody elses kids do this? The problem is that the headphone cord broke in the socket so they don’t work on the computer. For some reason she prefers the computer to the laptop where we do have headphones. I keep yelling at her to turn it down and she does for two or three minutes and then it’s right back up again. If I call her on it, telling her that You Tube is only for the laptop, she scrolls the page down just enough so that the You Tube title is out of sight and tells me that it’s not You Tube at all as you can’t see it anywhere on the page. She’s not stupid I can tell you!

We’re going for a play to Bec’s house tomorrow and then it’s the weekend and we will have survived the first week.

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