Half over

So far so good as far as the school holidays are concerned. Bill and Bridie had an absolute ball at the program at the local church, the people there were lovely and the kids felt right at home. Beth and I had a nice 3 days doing what we wanted which luckily for me involved lots of vegging at home!

Yesterday (Friday) we went to Bec’s house for a playdate. We love going there because not only do the grown ups get along but so do all the kids. Beth was asking all week when we were going there, she loves going to visit Bec’s. It may have something to do with the fact that they have Disney Channel which we don’t but it really doesn’t matter, a happy Beth makes for a happy Mummy so we all had a ball. Bree was there with her kids too and Prue popped in for a little while so there were numerous kids running around and numerous mums sitting drinking copious cups of tea and gossiping. My idea of a good day!

Beth was very cute and I thought I’d share some of her things that make her unique and our Beth. She was watching a show on dancing and was up doing all the moves. Bec has two dogs, Tyson and Lily. Tyson is old and not all that fussed about playing with Beth but Lily loves the attention. Bree pointed out how much she loves that Beth talks to the dogs as if they were people. We could hear her saying to Lily “Come on Lily, do this dance move with me!”

Bree’s oldest boy went in to check out what was going on in the lounge. Beth’s always had a bit of a thing for him, he’s a gorgeous boy and very good with Beth. Bree let me know that Beth had asked him out on a date. He’d kindly told her that he already has a girlfriend and wanted to ask his mum if it was ok to lie about this. I thought it was so sweet that he thought to spare her feelings  by letting her down gently. I then heard Beth talking to him later and thought that she was nagging him about going out with her. No though, she was trying to get him to recite lines from movies with her but he couldn’t remember any.

It’s so nice to go somewhere where people ‘get’ Beth. As Bec’s boy Will has autism there’s never any stresses when we go there. If Beth watching Foxtel for the day makes her happy and not get into mischief then that’s ok. In fact it’s lovely to sit with friends and laugh about how cute Beth is being rather than thinking she’s weird because she’s wanting to dance with a dog! Good friends are even more important to you when you have challenges in your life and I’m always grateful for them. To quote a saying from the ever wise Bree – I am rich in friends.

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