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The kids went back to school on Monday. Beth was fine to get up because her picture was on Giggle and Hoot on ABC2 that morning and she was most excited to see it. She had drawn a picture of Hoot the owl and they made a big deal of it when they showed it. Beth went to school happy enough but when I picked her up I was told that she refused to go to the classroom all day. When I tried to get her back in the room to get her bag she was very forceful in stressing that she couldn’t go in there so I didn’t push it. I really have no idea what’s going on there.

Tuesday (my birthday) Beth came out of school and the first thing she said to me was that she went to her classroom so that was an improvement. Bethie gave me a lovely teapot that she had picked for me for my birthday, Bill got me a dvd and Brides gave me a nice jewellery box. We had a really nice family evening together.

Yesterday (Wednesday) was a great day for Beth. When I was at school to pick the kids up I saw the principal heading my way so I pretended to hide in the tree branches! It was however good news. She said that Beth had had the best day ever. They had made a little room between the grade 5 and 6 rooms into Beth’s room and called it the Disney Room. Beth did all of her work in there but was allowed to invite other kids in there to do their work too. She had worked really well all day, even when the other kids were there doing their own thing. The principal was rapt and so was I. I was so chuffed that she had come out to see me to tell me herself. She had been trying to call me but I had been at the dentist. I know of people who don’t even really know the principals of their schools as they deal with the vice principal. We don’t have a vice principal at our school yet we are always given the time to talk personally with our principal. I’m not the only person who appreciates how lucky we are to have found our school.

On the Wednesday I also took the reports that were done for Beth’s 6/7 review, to Emerson. As I had just been to the dentist I couldn’t talk well (which I explained) but it might have looked like I was under a lot of stress which hopefully worked in my favour! I saw Rod again briefly (the intakes officer) and explained that while I appreciate they can’t make a decision about enrollments until term four I truly believe that Beth needs to start transitioning during term three. He was busy doing his own 6/7 reviews but said to call me next week and he’ll have a word with the review committee and let me know. I was pleased at his response as it could have gone the other way with him being annoyed at me for pushing the point. I had explained that Beth is very anxious this year and out of everybody I would expect that he would understand this better than most. Fingers crossed!

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