Holidays nearly over

I’ve got a spare moment to myself. Paul has taken the kids shopping for my birthday which is on Tuesday. I’m very excited! I do celebrate my birthday each year big time and this year is no exception. I’m going to Bec’s house for an all day feast this year with a couple of the girls. Monday morning school goes back so I’m going to a friend’s for an indian head massage, Tuesday is the food festival and Wednesday is going back to Weight Watchers followed by a visit to the dentist! Happy Birthday to me!

We’ve had a good time these holidays. Beth and I went to Sensational Kids on Wednesday but I haven’t had a chance to tell you about it until now. Rod and Beth made up an alien and it was called a thalangill. Rod asked Beth to describe a thalangill. With her usual humour the first descriptive word was thalangtastic! She’s so ace! Rod showed her what he meant by writing ‘is 2 times bigger than an elephant.’ Beth then went back to her original idea of making us laugh by writing ‘silly billy.’ Then she wrote ’53 time longer than a ball.’ When Rod asked her to draw the thalangill using the descriptive words she drew an amusing cartoon like character who was really silly – which he was. She didn’t get the descriptive side of it really so to get away with not knowing just kept on trying to make us laugh.

Rod told her that the thalangill was in the cupboard in the hall and Beth ran down to look for it. When Rod told her that she had scared it and it had run away he tried to get Beth to explain why it was scared of her. She used words like ‘messy’. Rod gave her multiple choice such as 1) because it eats apples, 2) because you ran too fast and 3) because it saw your shoes. Beth answered the first one and clearly had difficulty in grasping the concept. She then snuck down the corridor to find it again and I commented to Rod that I wasn’t sure if she’d understand it if she couldn’t then find the thelangill. Rod thought that she would be ok with it and when we found her she had the solution that she was in fact the thelangill. Case closed. Rod had a good suggestion re Beth’s fear of school. He suggested that I got her a diary or worry book to write down if she is anxious about something. She doesn’t seem to be able to verbalise what is wrong so perhaps she can write it down. It can’t hurt. Beth’s session with Whiskas (not her real name), the Occupational Therapist went well and Beth made cards for her friends Jessica and Erin asking them to come over for a play.

Thursday was my mother in law’s birthday so we all went out for lunch with my sister in law and her partner. I had forgotten to take Beth’s DSi with us and she was a bloody nightmare. It just showed how much worse she has gotten as she’s got older. If she’s not having a good time she’ll make damn sure that nobody else is either. She will nag and moan and cry until she gets her own way. The problem is that I don’t like to reward that sort of behaviour so it really comes down to a battle with us as neither of us will give in. I try to negotiate but of course Beth will have none of that and starts to pretend to talk in my voice to get the answer that she wants. For example if she wants to play on the computer and my answer is “in a little while, when I’ve finished”, Beth will say – very loudly and high pitched, just to accentuate how annoyed and annoying she is – “yes Beth of course you can play on the computer, here you are darling.” I lost it with her yesterday morning as Bill and Bridie were fighting and Beth was going on and on, honestly she does my head in sometimes! Anyway we had a nice lunch for Bev’s birthday despite Beth’s moaning, then we went to visit our new Grand Nephew at the hospital. Beth was happy enough there as she found a TV Week magazine and sprawled out on the bed oblivious to anybody else!

I’ll try to make an appointment at Emerson this week to take the reports in that I got from the school in the last week of term. I will explain that I would rather transition Beth from term 3 but my gut is telling me that no matter what we wont find out until term 4. Really, it probably will be enough transition time, I guess I’m just impatient and want to know now. I would say it’s because they want to know what level of funding we will be getting from the government before they make their decision. Fair enough too, still, it’s so hard to wait!

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