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Our school has been a hive of excitement lately as the years two to six are in J Rock this year. For those of you who don’t know J Rock is the junior school version of Rock Esteidford. This means a big production with a storyline and lots of dances. Beth was in it in 2008 so it’s been three years. We watched the dvd of it on Saturday and she still remembered all the dances!

This year I have both Beth and Bill in J Rock. Last night they had their dress rehearsal at a local high school. It was FANTASTIC! It makes me feel so lucky to be part of a small community. Our school really is one in a million but those of you who are regular readers would know that! This year Beth is playing the queen. As our principal puts it, she’s actually Queen Elizabeth. Last night I was backstage with Beth and we got her all dressed up with one of the helpers putting makeup on her. She looked fabulous. Her part is to come onto stage with the king and watch the maypole dancing. Then the king says “back to work” and him, Beth and the knights – one being ably played by my son Bill – all point at the dancers and leave the room. Beth held her hand out as can be seen in our blurry photos, and did the queeny wave. (Bill is on her left in the photos with the shield. In usual Beth tradition the close ups have her eyes closed!) Then the whole cast comes back on to the stage for the final number where they all do a dance together.

I was speaking with Bree this morning and she said that she has been watching the rehearsals as she had been making some of the costumes. She said that Beth was on the sidelines doing all the other kids dances too! I really hope that her high school has a big emphasis on drama and music cos that’s where she’s right at home!

Beth with her oldest friend from school – Megan



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